Which OS is Best Android Or Firefox


Lets Compare Firefox OS vs Android OS. Now a days people talking about Firefox os. As its new in the market and mostly people don’t know what is firefox os and what is difference between firefox os and android os. So we decided to write an article about firefox os vs android os to choose which is the best. Firefox os tablets and smart phone are available in cheap rates in market. Actually firefox os is by amazon. They made very cheap in rate but high in specification smart phones. If you are going to buy a new smart phone and confused to choose between firefox os and android, then you are at right place. Lets discuss both operating systems in detail. All amazon tablets and smart phone used their own operating system firefox os. Basic structure of this operating system is very similar to Android.

Basic Difference Between Android OS and Firefox OS

You can not use google play services in firefox os and also you can’t use chrome browser. Instead of chrome browser you will find a silk browser already installed in it.

Android provide support for custom launcher but in firefox you can’t use third party launchers. Firefox os included a feature Kindle Free Time which is very useful for study purpose. Amazon Firefox tablets and smart phones are especially designed to provide wide range of features in low price. You can do every thing as you do on your android tablet. But if you like to use apps from Google play store you should buy Android tablets.

Google Play Services

All Google play services are only for android os. So you can’t use them in firefox os. Actually play services works as back bone for android. Many tasks working in background are managed by google play services. Is the main reason you can’t useAndroid apps to firefox because it does not provide support for google play services.

Amazon Firefox App Store Vs Google Play Store

You will find only android apps on google play store. But at amazon app store you will find both android and amazon apps. But it does not mean you will find every app on amazon app store because all android developers does not upload android apps to amazon app store.

Difference In Price

Actually android phone are high quality and equipped with best hardware features. That’s why android phone and tablets are little bit costly and expensive. On the other hand firefox os manufacturing smart phones with same specifications but low in rate and price. Actually firefox os will show you advertisement even on your lock screen and they get benefits form their ads. If you don’t like these ads in fire os you have to pay to remove them. But android don’t sell ads based on Operating System.


If you like quality and durability then its better choice to buy android devices. But if you like more features in low price you can choose firefox os. If you like this article please share it to your friends on facebook and google plus. Also you can find best android apps here

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