Leilani Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Leilani Name Meaning

The name Leilani holds a poetic and enchanting meaning. It is of Hawaiian origin, combining two words: “lei,” which means “garland of flowers,” and “lani,” which means “heavenly” or “royal.” As a name, Leilani symbolizes beauty, grace, and a connection to nature, reflecting the qualities of those who bear it.

5 Famous People Named Leilani

  1. Leilani Dowding – A British model, actress, and TV personality, Leilani Dowding has appeared in various magazines and TV shows.
  2. Leilani Münter – An American professional racing driver, Leilani Münter, is known for her advocacy for environmental causes.
  3. Leilani Franco – A British dancer and contortionist, Leilani Franco has showcased her talents on various TV talent shows.
  4. Leilani Bishop – An American model and actress, Leilani Bishop has worked with renowned fashion brands and appeared in films and TV shows.
  5. Leilani Kai – An American retired professional wrestler, Leilani Kai, is best known for her appearances in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Name Origin and History

The name Leilani has its roots in the Hawaiian language, where it is created by combining “lei” and “lani.” In Hawaiian culture, “lei” refers to a garland of flowers that is used to symbolize love, respect, and celebration. “Lani,” on the other hand, is associated with the heavens or royalty.

The name Leilani has been a cherished choice among Hawaiians for centuries, reflecting their deep connection to nature and the beauty of their islands.


The name Leilani has seen increasing popularity beyond the shores of Hawaii in recent years. Its poetic and melodic sound, coupled with its tropical associations, has captured the hearts of parents seeking a name that exudes beauty and uniqueness.

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5 Variations of Leilani

  1. Lani – A shortened form of Leilani, Lani, retains the same heavenly and celestial meaning.
  2. Leila – A variation with a slightly different spelling, Leila, offers an elegant and timeless touch.
  3. Laylani – A creative variation, Laylani, adds a unique twist to the name’s sound.
  4. Leylani – Another variation with an alternative spelling, Leylani, maintains the name’s exotic appeal.
  5. Leilana – A variation with an alternative ending, Leilana, has a similar melodic quality to Leilani.

5 Different Origins of the Name Leilani

  1. Hawaiian Origin – Leilani finds its roots in the Hawaiian words “lei” and “lani,” combining the meanings of “garland of flowers” and “heavenly” or “royal.”
  2. Tropical Associations – The name’s association with flowers and the heavenly realm reflects the beauty and spirituality of Hawaiian culture.
  3. Island Heritage – Leilani has been a cherished name among Hawaiians for generations, representing their deep connection to nature and their land.
  4. Global Appreciation – The name Leilani’s popularity has transcended borders, making it a name with international recognition.
  5. Cultural Significance – Leilani’s association with beauty, grace, and nature has made it a name with cultural significance.

Cultural Significance

The name Leilani holds cultural significance through its association with beauty, grace, and a connection to nature. It symbolizes the splendor of the Hawaiian islands and reflects the admiration for the natural world.

Moreover, individuals like Leilani Dowding and Leilani Franco have brought prominence to the name, elevating its cultural significance. Their achievements in the fields of modeling and dance have made Leilani a name associated with talent and artistry.


In conclusion, the name Leilani, with its Hawaiian origin and meaning of “garland of flowers” and “heavenly,” holds a poetic and enchanting appeal. It has been embraced by various cultures and is celebrated for its association with beauty, grace, and a connection to nature.

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Through the recognition of famous individuals like Leilani Dowding and Leilani Franco, the name has garnered cultural significance. As we continue to embrace the stories behind our names, Leilani remains a captivating and meaningful choice, symbolizing the beauty and splendor that enrich our lives.