How to Use 2Lines for Whatsapp Using OG Whatsapp in Dual SIM Phone

Use 2Lines for Whatsapp with OG Whatsapp [Quick & Safe Method] Do you want to have a separate contact number for office and personal use?  It is really useful because no one wants to be disturbed in off hours. Dual SIM smartphones solved this problem, they provide a facility to keep […]

Fire OS vs Android OS, Main Difference & User Experience

Fire OS vs Android OS, Main Difference & User Experience Lets Compare Fire OS vs Android OS. Now a days people talking about Fire os. As its new in the market and mostly people don’t know what is fire os and what is difference between fire os and android os. […]

How to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

SD Card Data & File Recovery Have you lost your files and looking for recover your file from SD card or want to recover files from internal storage of your phone. Don’t worry let us help you out to recover all of your files images videos and everything. Follow these […]

Quick Home Remedies to Kill Pimples Permanently

Home Remedies For killing Pimples Permanently Do you got pimples on your skin anywhere on your body ??? and want to kill pimples permanently & quickly??. No matter if you are going to treat new pimples or old pimples. Here is solution for your to kill pimples permanently. We included […]

General Home Safety Tips, with Smart Safety Checklist

General Home Safety Tips Life is very busy now. No one have time to stay at home and check safety, even we don’t have time to look around or check inside our home for security and safety measures. Here are a few general home safety tips for you to manage […]

Best Android Apps and tips for Android app installation

Android tips for android app installation Now a days smart phones got almost complete functionality of Personal computers. People are using cell phone for many tasks especially for Internet surfing. A new smart phone comes with factory defaults and has basic functionality to the supported features.To get your android phone functionality […]

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