Privacy Policy

HowLooks Privacy Policy

While surfing the Internet every user submit some informations and queries to explore any site or keywords to search required information. Its really very important to keep your queries private. We always care for your privacy and keywords . As HowLooks privacy policy some information’s maybe collected when browsing through this site. Like  IP address and some browsing information’s. Its just for service updates and to provide you better services. We will never share your data to any third party. Our privacy policy will be updated if we changed about privacy and related settings.


Actually Cookies are some temporary data saved by your web browser on your local computer. This site also use cookies to store information about user preferences and some history to provide better service and make access easy to site features.


As you know we always provide you tips. So why not a tip for controlling cookies to your local browser. Below is a tip for your browser cookies settings.

You can control your privacy settings and update as your requirements. Following by your browser setting and disable cookies. You can setup cookies as per site basis.