Selah Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Selah Name Meaning

The name Selah carries a deep and poetic significance. It has roots in ancient Hebrew and is found in the Hebrew Bible, particularly in the Book of Psalms. The precise meaning of Selah is debated among scholars, but it is generally interpreted as a musical or liturgical notation that signifies a pause or break in the reading or singing of the psalms. As such, Selah is often associated with reflection, meditation, and contemplation.

Five Famous People Named Selah

  1. Selah Louise Marley: A musician and the daughter of musician Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.
  2. Selah Sue: A Belgian singer-songwriter, Selah Sue is known for her soulful voice and blend of musical genres.
  3. Selahattin Demirtaş: A prominent Kurdish politician and human rights lawyer from Turkey.
  4. Selah P. Merrill: An American archaeologist, diplomat, and biblical scholar.
  5. Selah Sue Monet: An American child actress known for her roles in TV shows and commercials.

Name Origin and History

The name Selah finds its origin in ancient Hebrew, and its usage dates back to biblical times. As mentioned earlier, Selah appears in the Book of Psalms as a notation, indicating a pause in the psalm’s singing or recitation. The significance of this musical notation remains open to interpretation, with various theories proposed by scholars and historians.

The name Selah has a rich historical and biblical background, representing a connection to ancient scriptures and spiritual contemplation.

Popularity of Selah

Selah has been a name with a moderate level of popularity, particularly in recent years. It is often considered a unique and distinctive name choice, appealing to parents seeking a name that stands out. While not among the most commonly used names, Selah has gained attention and admiration for its melodic and meaningful qualities.

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The rising use of Selah as a name with a biblical and spiritual background has contributed to its growing popularity.

Five Variations of Selah

  1. Selam: A variation of Selah, Selam offers a different cultural and linguistic touch to the name.
  2. Sela: This variant provides a shorter and more streamlined form of the name.
  3. Sélah: With an accent added, Sélah showcases a more exotic and artistic variation.
  4. Selah: While not a true variation, using the name Selah as a gender-neutral option offers versatility.
  5. Shelah: A name with Hebrew origins, Shelah shares similarities with Selah.

Five Different Origins of Selah

  1. Hebrew: The primary origin of the name Selah lies in Hebrew, particularly from the Book of Psalms.
  2. African: With the variation Selam, Selah reflects an African influence.
  3. Arabic: Sela is a name with Arabic origins, showcasing the name’s adoption in different cultures.
  4. French: Sélah represents a French variation, highlighting the name’s presence in various languages.
  5. Biblical: With its usage in the Bible, Selah holds a significant biblical origin.

Cultural Significance

The name Selah’s cultural significance is deeply tied to its association with meditation, reflection, and spiritual contemplation. As a name used in various countries and regions, Selah represents a sense of universality and appreciation for names inspired by profound qualities.

Famous individuals named Selah, such as Selah Louise Marley and Selah Sue, have contributed to the name’s representation in the fields of music, politics, and entertainment, showcasing accomplished individuals who bear the name.


The name Selah carries a unique and poetic essence, inspired by its ancient Hebrew origin and connection to the Book of Psalms. Celebrated for its profound meaning and melodic allure, Selah has been a beloved and cherished name choice.

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Famous individuals who bear the name Selah, along with its variations, have showcased the name’s versatility and appeal in different regions and cultural contexts.

As we explore the meaningful significance and cultural importance of the name Selah, we are reminded of the enduring power found in names that connect us to ancient scriptures and inspire us with qualities like reflection and meditation.

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