Andre Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Andre Name Meaning

The name Andre holds a compelling and powerful meaning. It is of French and Greek origin, derived from the Greek name “Andreas,” which means “man” or “warrior.” In French, Andre signifies “strong” or “manly,” making it a name associated with courage and vigor.

Five Famous People Named Andre

  1. Andre Agassi: A legendary American tennis player, Andre Agassi is known for his remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport.
  2. Andre 3000: An American rapper, singer, and actor, Andre 3000 is a prominent figure in the music industry.
  3. Andre Iguodala: An American professional basketball player, Andre Iguodala has played for various NBA teams and has been a valuable asset on the court.
  4. Andre Drummond: An American professional basketball player, Andre Drummond is recognized for his talent and skills in the sport.
  5. Andre Braugher: A highly acclaimed American actor, Andre Braugher has received critical acclaim for his performances in films and television series.

Name Origin and History

The name Andre has its roots in both French and Greek cultures. In French, Andre is a variant of the name Andrew, which comes from the Greek name “Andreas.” In ancient Greece, the name was commonly used to describe a man or a warrior, reflecting its association with strength and masculinity.

Over time, Andre became a popular given name in various countries, appreciated for its powerful and timeless essence.

Popularity of Andre

Andre has been a name with enduring popularity in various cultures and regions. It has been consistently favored in French-speaking countries, as well as in English-speaking regions, where it has been embraced as a strong and classic name choice.

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The name’s global appeal and significant usage in different countries showcase its widespread popularity.

Five Variations of Andre

  1. Andres: A variant of Andre, Andres is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries.
  2. Andreas: A variation from the original Greek form, Andreas maintains the name’s powerful essence.
  3. Andrew: As a longer form of Andre, Andrew offers a classic and traditional option.
  4. Andrei: A variant used in Russian-speaking regions, Andrei adds a touch of cultural diversity.
  5. Andy: A popular diminutive or nickname for Andre, Andy provides a casual and approachable alternative.

Five Different Origins of Andre

  1. French: The primary origin of the name Andre lies in France, where it has been a beloved name for generations.
  2. Greek: Andre has its roots in ancient Greek culture, originating from the name “Andreas.”
  3. English: Andre’s usage in English-speaking regions highlights its widespread popularity and universal appeal.
  4. Spanish: As Andres is a variant used in Spanish-speaking countries, Andre has a connection to Spanish origins.
  5. Russian: Andrei, a variation of Andre, is a popular name in Russian-speaking countries, showcasing the name’s usage in different regions.

Cultural Significance

The name Andre’s cultural significance is deeply rooted in its association with strength, courage, and masculinity. As a name used in various countries and cultures, Andre represents a sense of universality and appreciation for powerful and charismatic names.

Famous individuals named Andre, such as Andre Agassi and Andre 3000, have contributed to the name’s representation in popular culture, showcasing accomplished individuals who bear the name.


The name Andre carries a sense of strength and vigor, rooted in its French and Greek origins. Celebrated for its powerful meaning and universal appeal, Andre has remained a popular and enduring name choice.

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Famous individuals who bear the name Andre, along with its variations, have showcased the name’s versatility and appeal in different regions and cultural contexts.

As we explore the captivating meaning and cultural significance of the name Andre, we are reminded of the beauty found in names that inspire us with their strength and charisma, connecting us to a sense of courage and determination.