Bellamy Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Bellamy is a name of English origin that has been growing in popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore the meaning, popularity, history, cultural significance, and famous people associated with the name Bellamy.

Bellamy Name Meaning

The name Bellamy is of Old French origin and means “fine friend” or “handsome companion.” The name is derived from the Old French words “bel,” meaning beautiful, and “ami,” meaning friend.


The name Bellamy is not a very common name in the United States, but it has been increasing in popularity in recent years. According to data from the Social Security Administration, the name Bellamy was given to 229 baby girls and 293 baby boys in 2020.

The name Bellamy has been used for both boys and girls, but it is more commonly used for boys. In 2020, the name was the 833rd most popular name for girls and the 617th most popular name for boys in the United States.


The name Bellamy has a long history, dating back to medieval times. It was originally used as a surname, and was commonly found in England and France. The surname was derived from the Old French words “bel,” meaning beautiful, and “ami,” meaning friend, and was likely used to describe a person who was a good friend or companion.

The first recorded use of the name Bellamy as a given name was in the 19th century, when it was used as a first name for both boys and girls. The name was most commonly used in the southern United States, and was often given to children as a way of honoring a family member with the surname Bellamy.

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Cultural Significance

The name Bellamy does not have a specific cultural significance, but it has been used in various works of literature and art. One of the most famous works of literature featuring the name Bellamy is the 1888 novel “Looking Backward” by Edward Bellamy, which tells the story of a man who falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in the year 2000 to find that the world has become a utopian society.

The name Bellamy has also been used in various works of music, film, and television. In the hit TV series “The 100,” Bellamy Blake is one of the main characters and a leader of a group of survivors living in a post-apocalyptic world. In the 1991 film “Thelma & Louise,” the character played by Geena Davis is named Thelma Yvonne Dickinson, but she often goes by the nickname “Louise” after her middle name, which is Bellamy.

Famous People with the Name Bellamy

There have been several famous people throughout history with the name Bellamy, both as a first name and as a surname.

One of the most famous people with the name Bellamy is Edward Bellamy, the American author who wrote the utopian novel “Looking Backward.” He was born in 1850 and died in 1898.

Another famous person with the name Bellamy is Billie Dove, the American actress who was born Lillian Bohny and later changed her name to Lillian Bellamy. She starred in several silent films in the 1920s and 1930s.

In the world of sports, Craig Bellamy is a former Welsh footballer who played for several teams in the English Premier League, including Liverpool and Manchester City.

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In Conclusion

The name Bellamy is a beautiful and unique name with a long history and a growing popularity. Its meaning, “fine friend” or “handsome companion,” is a fitting description for a child who will no doubt make many friends throughout their life.

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