Cassie Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Cassie Name Meaning and Origins

The name Cassie has various meanings and origins. It can be a shortened form of Cassandra, a name of Greek origin, which means “helper of mankind” or “she who entangles men.” In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a prophetess who was cursed by Apollo to be able to see the future but never be believed.

Alternatively, Cassie can also be a diminutive form of the name Cassandra or the name Cassius, a Roman family name that means “hollow” or “empty.” Cassie can also be a variation of the name Kasi, which is a Sanskrit name that means “shining” or “brilliant.”

Cassie Name History

The name Cassie has a rich history, and its usage can be traced back to the 19th century. During this time, it was common for parents to shorten names or create pet names for their children. Cassie was often used as a nickname for girls named Cassandra.

Cassandra became a popular name in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s, peaking in popularity in 1986 when it was the 19th most popular name for baby girls. However, as the years passed, the name began to decline in popularity, and by 2020, it was only the 419th most popular name for baby girls.

In recent years, Cassie has become a standalone name, often used as a first name for baby girls. According to the Social Security Administration, Cassie was the 958th most popular name for baby girls in 2020.

Significance of the Name Cassie

The name Cassie carries significant meanings and connotations. As a diminutive of Cassandra, the name Cassie is associated with prophecy, foresight, and wisdom. People with this name are believed to have a natural gift for understanding people and situations, which makes them excellent problem solvers and advisors.

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Alternatively, as a diminutive of Cassius, the name Cassie is associated with a strong and unyielding nature. People with this name are believed to be determined, independent, and not easily swayed by others.

In terms of personality traits, people with the name Cassie are believed to be creative, intuitive, and imaginative. They have a strong sense of self and are not afraid to express their opinions and ideas. They are also known for their ability to think outside the box and find solutions to complex problems.


The name Cassie is a meaningful name that has a rich history and cultural significance. Its association with prophecy, wisdom, and creativity, as well as its connotations of strength and independence, make it an ideal name for baby girls. It is a name that has been used for centuries and has evolved to become a standalone name in recent years. If you are considering naming your daughter Cassie, you can be sure that she will carry a name with a rich and significant history that is sure to bring her luck and success in life.

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