Corina Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Corina Name Meaning and Origin:

The name Corina has a delightful meaning and origin that reflects its charm. Corina is derived from the Greek name “Kore,” which means “maiden” or “young girl.” The name conveys a sense of youthfulness and freshness, symbolizing the beauty and vitality of a young woman.

History of Corina:

The history of the name Corina can be traced back to ancient Greece, where names often carried symbolic significance. Kore, the Greek goddess of spring and daughter of Demeter, represented the cycle of renewal and the blooming of nature. The name Corina, inspired by “Kore,” celebrates the joy and exuberance of youth.

Over time, Corina has transcended its Greek origins and spread to various cultures, becoming a beloved choice among parents seeking a name that reflects elegance and youthfulness.

Popularity of Corina:

Corina has experienced a steady level of popularity over the years, with peaks of interest in different periods. The name’s association with timeless beauty and youthful charm contributes to its enduring appeal.

As parents seek names that capture a sense of grace and femininity, Corina emerges as a choice that exudes both sophistication and vibrancy. Its classic sound and meaning have attracted attention from parents worldwide.

Variations of Corina:

Corina, with its roots in Greek mythology, has inspired variations in different languages and cultures:

  1. Korina: This variation retains the Greek essence of the name, adding a touch of authenticity.
  2. Karina: While not directly related to Kore, Karina is a name that shares a similar sound and carries a sense of grace.
  3. Corinne: Another variant with Greek origins, Corinne shares the same meaning of “maiden” or “young girl.”
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Famous People Named Corina:

Though Corina may not be as widely recognized as some other names, there are individuals who have made their mark with this elegant name:

  1. Corina Morariu: A former professional tennis player from the United States who achieved success in both singles and doubles competitions. She won several titles throughout her career.
  2. Corina Katt Ayala: A Mexican-American boxer who made history as the first female boxer to win world titles in four weight divisions.


The name Corina, with its origins in Greek mythology and meaning of “maiden” or “young girl,” carries a sense of grace and beauty that transcends time and borders. Inspired by the youthful exuberance of Kore, the Greek goddess of spring, Corina celebrates the joy and vitality of youth.

As names continue to connect individuals to their cultural heritage and shape their identities, Corina stands tall as a name that traverses history and cultures, embracing its multicultural appeal. Whether it graces the lives of young girls in Greece or becomes a cherished name in distant lands, Corina remains a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter its charm.

In a world where names carry stories and meanings, Corina stands as a name that represents the grace and femininity of youth, ensuring its continued popularity and admiration for generations to come.