Eliana Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Eliana’s Meaning and Origin

Eliana is a name with ancient origins, derived from different sources. In Hebrew, Eliana is a combination of “Eli,” meaning “God,” and “Ana,” meaning “answered” or “favored.” Therefore, the name Eliana carries the meaning “God has answered” or “God has favored.” In Latin and Greek, Eliana is associated with the meaning “sun,” further adding to its significance and allure.

A Brief History of the Name Eliana

The name Eliana’s history can be traced back to various cultures and languages. Its Hebrew roots connect it to biblical references, where it signifies divine favor or answered prayers. The name Eliana’s association with the sun in Latin and Greek further adds to its celestial allure.

Eliana’s Popularity

Eliana’s popularity as a given name has seen notable growth in recent years. Its graceful sound, diverse meanings, and timeless charm have made it a favored choice among parents seeking a name with a touch of elegance. The name Eliana’s enduring popularity is a testament to its universal appeal.

Variations of Eliana

Eliana’s beauty and versatility have inspired variations in different cultures and languages. Here are five variations of the name Eliana:

  1. Eliane: The French form of Eliana, Eliane maintains the same meaning and grace.
  2. Iliana: This variation adds a unique twist to the name while preserving its elegance.
  3. Elliana: A popular variant in the United States, Elliana shares the name’s timeless allure and has gained popularity in recent years.
  4. Elina: A shorter variation, Elina offers a more concise and modern option while maintaining the name’s charm.
  5. Elianna: This variant adds an extra “n” to the name, providing a distinctive and slightly altered form of Eliana.
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Five Famous People Named Eliana

  1. Eliana Girard: An American contemporary dancer known for her appearances on the reality television show “So You Think You Can Dance.”
  2. Eliana Johnson: An American journalist and editor known for her work with National Review and Politico.
  3. Eliana Ramos: A Venezuelan beauty queen who won the title of Miss Venezuela International in 2010.
  4. Eliana Albasetti: A Chilean actress and television presenter known for her work in various television shows and films.
  5. Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra: A Brazilian television host and actress, known simply as Eliana, who has hosted popular TV programs.


Eliana, with its diverse meanings, ancient origins, and timeless charm, continues to be a name cherished by parents worldwide. Whether embraced for its biblical significance of divine favor or its association with the sun, Eliana stands as a name that represents grace, beauty, and a touch of celestial allure.

As we look to the future, it is evident that Eliana will continue to shine brightly as a name loved by generations, carrying its legacy forward with elegance and pride.

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