Elowen Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Elowen is a unique and beautiful name with a rich history and cultural significance. In this article, we will explore the meaning, popularity, history, cultural significance, and famous people associated with the name Elowen.


The name Elowen has a beautiful and unique meaning. It is of Cornish origin and means “elm tree”. The name is also associated with the Cornish word “elvan”, which means “white”. The combination of these two meanings gives the name a sense of elegance and purity.


The name Elowen has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the United Kingdom. In 2020, it ranked #2183 in popularity in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. In the UK, it ranked #1028 in popularity in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics. The name’s popularity has grown significantly in recent years, possibly due to the trend of unique and uncommon baby names.


The name Elowen has its roots in Cornwall, a region in the southwestern part of England. Cornish is a Celtic language that is closely related to Welsh and Breton. The Cornish language was once widely spoken in Cornwall but has since become endangered. Elowen is a name that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Cultural Significance:

The name Elowen has cultural significance in Cornwall and among those of Cornish heritage. The elm tree is an important symbol in Cornish culture and mythology. It is often associated with strength and endurance, as well as fertility and rebirth. The tree’s deep roots symbolize the connection to the past, while its branches reach toward the future. The name Elowen reflects these qualities and embodies the spirit of Cornwall.

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Famous People:

While Elowen is a relatively uncommon name, there are some notable people who bear the name. One famous Elowen is Elowen Gwynne, a Welsh actress who has appeared in numerous television shows and films, including “The Story of Tracy Beaker” and “My Family”. Another notable Elowen is Elowen Farrelly, an Irish musician who has released several albums and singles in the folk and traditional genres.

In addition to these famous Elowens, the name has also been given to several fictional characters in books and movies. For example, in the young adult novel “The Last Spell Breather” by Julie Pike, the main character is a girl named Elowen who has the ability to cast spells. In the Disney movie “Maleficent”, the character Aurora’s daughter is named Elowen.


Elowen is a beautiful and unique name with a rich history and cultural significance. Its association with the elm tree and the Cornish language gives the name a sense of strength, endurance, and connection to the past. The name has gained popularity in recent years, and while it may not be as well-known as other names, it has a special place in the hearts of those who bear it and those who appreciate its beauty and meaning.

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