Gage Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Gage Name Meaning

The name Gage carries a powerful and significant meaning. It is of French origin, derived from the Old French word “gager,” which means “to pledge” or “to swear an oath.” As a name, Gage symbolizes a person who is trustworthy, reliable, and true to their word.

5 Famous People Named Gage

  1. Gage Golightly – An American actress, Gage Golightly is known for her roles in TV series like “Teen Wolf” and “Red Oaks.”
  2. Gage Munroe – A Canadian actor, Gage Munroe has appeared in films like “Immortals” and “I Declare War.”
  3. Gage Gomez – An American TikTok star and social media influencer, Gage Gomez has gained popularity for his entertaining content.
  4. Gage Green – An American basketball player, Gage Green has played in the NBA G League.
  5. Gage Petrone – An American entrepreneur and founder of Gage Diamonds, Gage Petrone has made significant contributions to the jewelry industry.

Name Origin and History

The name Gage has its roots in Old French, originating from the word “gager,” meaning “to pledge” or “to swear an oath.” In medieval times, a “gage” referred to a pledge or a challenge, and individuals would use this term to make promises or commitments.

The name Gage gradually spread to other English-speaking countries, becoming a popular and meaningful choice for parents.


The name Gage has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. It is often chosen for its strong and confident sound, as well as its meaningful origin. Gage has become a contemporary and well-liked name among parents seeking unique yet traditional options.

5 Variations of Gage

  1. Gauge – A variant spelling of the name, Gauge, offers a modern twist on the classic name.
  2. Gajan – A name with Indian and Hindu origins, Gajan, shares a similar sound and meaning.
  3. Gaggan – Another variant with Indian roots, Gaggan, adds a touch of cultural uniqueness.
  4. Gaston – A name with French origins, Gaston, has a different meaning but shares a similar origin.
  5. Gavyn – A variant spelling, Gavyn, provides a fresh and contemporary alternative.
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5 Different Origins of the Name Gage

  1. French Origin – Gage is of French origin, derived from the word “gager,” meaning “to pledge” or “to swear an oath.”
  2. Pledge and Trustworthiness Meaning – The name Gage symbolizes trustworthiness and reliability, inspired by its Old French roots.
  3. Medieval Connotation – In medieval times, a “gage” referred to a pledge or a challenge, adding historical depth to the name.
  4. Modern Popularity – Gage’s contemporary appeal has contributed to its increasing popularity.
  5. Global Usage – Gage and its variations have been embraced in various countries and cultures.

Cultural Significance

The name Gage holds cultural significance through its association with trustworthiness and reliability. It symbolizes the admiration for individuals who bear it, reflecting their qualities of being true to their word.

Moreover, figures like Gage Golightly and Gage Petrone have brought prominence to the name, elevating its cultural significance. Their achievements in the fields of acting and entrepreneurship have made Gage a name associated with talent and success.


In conclusion, the name Gage, with its French origin and meaning of “to pledge” or “to swear an oath,” holds a powerful and significant appeal. It has been cherished for its association with trustworthiness and reliability.

Through the recognition of famous individuals like Gage Golightly and Gage Petrone, the name has garnered cultural significance. As we continue to embrace the stories behind our names, Gage remains a strong and meaningful choice, symbolizing the virtues of being true to one’s word and enriching our lives.

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