How to know if you have lice?

There are a few signs and symptoms that can indicate you have lice:

  1. Itching of the scalp, neck, and ears is the most common symptom of lice.

  2. Small red bumps or sores on the scalp, neck, and ears caused by scratching.

  3. White or gray nits (eggs) that are about the size of a pinhead and are found on the hair shaft close to the scalp.

  4. Live lice, which are small, brown, and about the size of a sesame seed. They can be difficult to see and may be more active at night.

  5. Lice can cause dandruff and flakes of skin on the scalp.

If you suspect you have lice, it is important to see a doctor or pharmacist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Over-the-counter or prescription medications are usually used to treat lice.

It’s also important to wash clothes, bedding, and personal items that may have come into contact with lice. And combing your hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove nits and lice.

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