How to tell if pearls are real or fake?

There are several ways to tell if pearls are real or fake:

  1. The “Tooth Test“: Gently rub the pearl against the front of your tooth. A real pearl will have a slight grit, while a fake pearl will be smooth.

  2. The “Heat Test“: Breathe on the pearl, if it warms up quickly, it’s likely real. Fake pearls don’t retain heat as well as real pearls.

  3. The “Luster Test“: Hold the pearl against a white background, observe the surface of the pearl, real pearls have a deep, subtle luster that catches the light and changes with the angle of observation, while fake pearls usually have a plastic-like or dull surface.

  4. The “Drill Test“: Look at the pearl’s drill hole, if it’s symmetrical, it’s likely real. Fake pearls usually have irregularly shaped drill holes.

  5. The “Knock Test“: Gently tap the pearl with your fingernail, real pearls will have a dull, low-pitched sound, while fake pearls will make a high-pitched sound.

It’s important to note that it’s not always easy to tell real pearls apart from fake pearls, a professional appraiser or pearl specialist may need to examine the pearls more thoroughly and use specialized equipment to determine their authenticity.

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