100 Captivating Irish Girl Names with Meaning and Significance


Irish girl names are known for their lyrical beauty and cultural heritage. If you’re seeking a unique and enchanting name for your baby girl, this comprehensive list of 100 Irish girl names will inspire and delight you. From ancient Gaelic classics to modern favorites, let’s explore the rich tapestry of Irish names and their profound meanings.

I. Traditional Irish Girl Names

  1. Aoife: Pronounced “ee-fa,” this name means “beautiful” or “radiant,” capturing the essence of feminine grace.
  2. Niamh: Pronounced “neev,” it signifies “brightness” or “radiance,” reflecting a captivating and luminous personality.
  3. Siobhán: Pronounced “shi-vawn,” this name means “God is gracious” and conveys a sense of divine blessing and kindness.
  4. Caoimhe: Pronounced “kee-va,” it symbolizes “gentleness” or “beautiful and kind,” embodying a serene and compassionate nature.
  5. Róisín: Pronounced “ro-sheen,” meaning “little rose,” it represents delicate beauty and the timeless elegance of the flower.

II. Nature-Inspired Irish Girl Names

  1. Fiadh: Pronounced “fee-a,” this name means “wild” or “untamed,” evoking the spirit of the wilderness and natural beauty.
  2. Brígh: Pronounced “bree,” it derives from the Irish word for “strength” or “power,” symbolizing resilience and inner fortitude.
  3. Síle: Pronounced “shee-la,” this name is derived from the Irish word for “mountain,” signifying stability and grandeur.
  4. Aisling: Pronounced “ash-ling,” it translates to “dream” or “vision,” reflecting a poetic and imaginative spirit.
  5. Clodagh: Pronounced “clo-da,” this name is associated with the River Clodagh in Ireland, symbolizing purity and serenity.

III. Mythological Irish Girl Names

  1. Éabha: Pronounced “ay-va,” it is the Irish form of Eve, representing “life” and celebrating the mythical origins of humanity.
  2. Caoilfhionn: Pronounced “kweel-in,” this name means “slender and fair” or “graceful and bright,” drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology.
  3. Deirdre: Pronounced “deer-dra,” it is derived from Irish mythology and signifies “sorrowful” or “broken-hearted,” representing tragic beauty and resilience.
  4. Grainne: Pronounced “grawn-ya,” this name means “grace” or “charm” and is associated with a legendary figure known for her beauty and allure.
  5. Maeve: Pronounced “mayv,” it is derived from the Irish queen Medb, symbolizing “intoxicating” or “she who makes drunk with beauty.”
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IV. Unique and Whimsical Irish Girl Names

  1. Saoirse: Pronounced “seer-sha,” this name means “freedom” or “liberty,” capturing the spirit of independence and strength.
  2. Eilidh: Pronounced “ay-lee,” it is a diminutive of Aileen and means “light” or “bright,” signifying a radiant and vivacious nature.
  3. Orlaith: Pronounced “or-la,” this name means “golden princess,” embracing regal charm and a radiant personality.
  4. Fianna: Pronounced “fee-na,” it derives from the word for “warrior” or “soldier,” representing strength and bravery.
  5. Nuala: Pronounced “noo-la,” this name signifies “fair-shouldered” or “exceptional beauty,” evoking an ethereal and enchanting presence.

V. Modern Irish Girl Names

  1. Aoibheann: Pronounced “ee-van,” this name means “beautiful” or “radiant,” adding a contemporary twist to a classic Irish name.
  2. Róisín: Though traditionally used, Róisín has gained popularity in recent years, appealing to parents seeking a name that is both timeless and modern.
  3. Saoirse: With its association to actress Saoirse Ronan, this name has become increasingly popular, reflecting a sense of cultural pride and empowerment.
  4. Caoimhe: While deeply rooted in Irish tradition, Caoimhe has found favor among modern parents seeking a name that exudes both uniqueness and charm.
  5. Fiadh: Fiadh has gained attention for its connection to Irish folklore and its fresh and distinctive sound, making it an appealing choice for contemporary parents.


Irish girl names carry a sense of mystique, beauty, and cultural heritage. Whether you’re drawn to traditional Gaelic classics, nature-inspired gems, mythological marvels, unique and whimsical names, or modern variations, the realm of Irish names offers a treasure trove of options. Embrace the rich traditions and musicality of the Irish language as you embark on the delightful journey of selecting a name that will grace your daughter for a lifetime.

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