KFC – Double Down | The Real Deal & Diet?

KFC – Double Down | The Real Deal & Diet

The KFC Double Down sandwich is a popular menu item from the fast-food restaurant chain KFC. The sandwich is known for its unconventional recipe, which replaces the traditional sandwich bun with two fried chicken fillets. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the history and popularity of the KFC Double Down sandwich.


The KFC Double Down sandwich was first introduced in the United States in 2010. The sandwich was created as a limited-time promotion and was initially only available in a few select markets. However, the sandwich quickly gained popularity, and KFC began offering it nationwide.

The Double Down sandwich was created in response to the growing trend of low-carb diets, which were popular at the time. The sandwich was designed to be a high-protein, low-carb alternative to traditional sandwiches.

The original Double Down sandwich consisted of two fried chicken fillets, two pieces of bacon, two slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, and Colonel’s Sauce. The sandwich was served in a wrapper, which made it easy to eat on the go.


The KFC Double Down sandwich quickly became a viral sensation, with many people sharing pictures and reviews of the sandwich on social media. The sandwich’s unique recipe and high-protein content appealed to many people who were looking for a filling and satisfying meal.

Despite some criticism from health experts who were concerned about the sandwich’s high calorie and fat content, the Double Down sandwich remained popular. KFC continued to offer the sandwich for several years, and it became a staple of the restaurant’s menu.

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Over the years, KFC has released several variations of the Double Down sandwich. These variations have included different types of cheese, such as cheddar and Swiss, as well as different sauces and toppings.

In 2014, KFC released a limited-time version of the Double Down sandwich called the “Waffle Double Down.” This version of the sandwich replaced the chicken fillets with two waffles, which were stuffed with bacon and cheese and served with a side of syrup.

In 2018, KFC released a version of the Double Down sandwich called the “Zinger Double Down King” in South Korea. This version of the sandwich featured two spicy chicken fillets, bacon, cheese, and a Zinger sauce.


The KFC Double Down sandwich is a unique and unconventional menu item that has gained a cult following among fast-food fans. Despite some concerns about its high calorie and fat content, the sandwich remains a popular menu item at KFC. The sandwich’s popularity has also inspired other fast-food chains to create their own versions of the sandwich, such as the “Nashville Hot Double” from McDonald’s. Overall, the KFC Double Down sandwich is a testament to the power of creative and innovative menu items in the fast-food industry.