Loki Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Loki Name Meaning

The name Loki holds a mysterious and powerful meaning. It is of Old Norse origin, derived from the Old Norse word “loka,” which means “to close” or “to lock.” In Norse mythology, Loki is a complex and mischievous deity associated with trickery and chaos, reflecting the qualities of those who bear the name.

5 Famous People Named Loki

  1. Loki Schmidt – The wife of former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Loki Schmidt was a prominent environmentalist and philanthropist.
  2. Loki Doki – An Italian street artist and illustrator, Loki Doki is known for his vibrant and imaginative murals.
  3. Loki Rothman – A South African singer-songwriter and musician, Loki Rothman is celebrated for his soulful and emotive music.
  4. Loki the Wolfdog – A social media sensation, Loki the Wolfdog is an Alaskan Malamute and Arctic Wolf mix known for his stunning photographs and adventurous travels.
  5. Loki Hulgaard РA Danish footballer, Loki Hulgaard has played for clubs like FC Nordsjælland in the Danish Superliga.

Name Origin and History

The name Loki originates from Old Norse mythology, where Loki is a prominent and enigmatic figure. He is often described as a trickster god, known for his cunning and unpredictable nature. In Norse mythology, Loki’s actions often lead to both beneficial and chaotic consequences, making him a complex and multifaceted character.

Loki’s significance in Norse mythology has transcended time, and his name continues to capture the fascination of individuals seeking a name with an extraordinary and mythical association.


The name Loki has seen a rise in popularity in recent times, particularly among individuals drawn to its mythical and mysterious allure. It has gained recognition beyond its traditional Norse roots, becoming a name with global appeal.

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5 Variations of Loki

  1. Lokai – A variation with an alternative spelling, Lokai, maintains the name’s distinctive sound.
  2. Loke – A shorter form of the name, Loke, offers a more streamlined and contemporary option.
  3. Loka – A variant with a slight alteration in spelling, Loka, has a similar mystique.
  4. Lokasenna – A variation inspired by one of the Old Norse poems, Lokasenna, adds a poetic and artistic touch.
  5. Lokis – A variation with an alternative ending, Lokis, maintains the name’s connection to Norse mythology.

5 Different Origins of the Name Loki

  1. Old Norse Origin – Loki finds its roots in Old Norse mythology, derived from the word “loka,” meaning “to close” or “to lock.”
  2. Norse Mythology – Loki’s significance as a trickster god in Norse mythology has made the name iconic and enduring.
  3. Global Appeal – Loki’s association with mystery and mythology has given it a name with international recognition.
  4. Modern Resurgence – The name Loki has experienced a resurgence in popularity due to its enigmatic and mythical appeal.
  5. Cultural Significance – Loki’s association with trickery and chaos has made it a name with cultural significance.

Cultural Significance

The name Loki holds cultural significance through its association with trickery and chaos, as depicted in Norse mythology. It symbolizes the complexity and unpredictability of human nature, reflecting the enigmatic and multifaceted aspects of individuals who bear the name.

Moreover, figures like Loki Doki and Loki the Wolfdog have brought prominence to the name, elevating its cultural significance. Their creative talents and captivating presence have made Loki a name associated with artistic expression and adventure.


In conclusion, the name Loki, with its Old Norse origin and association with trickery and chaos in mythology, holds a mysterious and powerful appeal. It has been embraced by individuals drawn to its enigmatic and mythical allure, making it a name with global recognition.

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Through the recognition of famous individuals like Loki Doki and Loki the Wolfdog, the name has garnered cultural significance. As we continue to embrace the stories behind our names, Loki remains an intriguing and distinctive choice, symbolizing the complexity and mystery that enrich our lives.

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