Maud Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Maud Name Meaning and Origin:

The name Maud has ancient roots and carries meaningful origins based on its cultural and linguistic background.

  1. Germanic Origin: Maud is derived from the Germanic name “Mathildis” or “Mahthildis,” which means “mighty in battle” or “strength in battle.” It is associated with qualities such as bravery, power, and determination.

History and Cultural Significance:

  1. Medieval Royalty: The name Maud gained prominence during medieval times, particularly in England. It was borne by several royal figures, including Empress Matilda, who challenged for the English throne in the 12th century. Her determination and strength in the face of political turmoil left a lasting impact on the name’s cultural significance.
  2. Literary References: Maud is also associated with literature. It was used as the name of the protagonist in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s famous poem, “Maud.” The poem depicts a complex and passionate love story, adding to the name’s romantic appeal.


Maud has experienced fluctuations in popularity over the years, captivating parents seeking a name that combines classic charm and elegance.

  1. Victorian Era: During the Victorian era, Maud was a popular name among English-speaking countries. Its association with nobility and the literary references of the time contributed to its appeal.
  2. Modern Usage: In recent years, Maud has seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly among parents seeking vintage and unique names for their children. Its timeless charm and connection to history have contributed to its appeal.

Variations of Maud:

  1. Maude: Maude is a common variant spelling of Maud, often used as an alternative form. It retains the same elegance and classic appeal while providing a slightly different spelling convention.
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Famous People Named Maud:

Maud has been embraced by individuals who have made their mark in various fields. Here are a few examples:

  1. Maud Adams: Maud Adams is a Swedish actress known for her appearances in several James Bond films, including “The Man with the Golden Gun” and “Octopussy.” Her talent and beauty have contributed to her success in the film industry.
  2. Maud Hart Lovelace: Maud Hart Lovelace was an American author known for her “Betsy-Tacy” book series. Her stories, inspired by her own childhood experiences, have captivated generations of readers with their relatable characters and charming narratives.


The name Maud embodies elegance, strength, and a connection to history. With its Germanic origins and the meaning of “mighty in battle” or “strength in battle,” the name has resonated with individuals seeking a name that exudes timeless charm and determination.

While it may have experienced fluctuations in popularity, Maud’s connection to medieval royalty and literary references have solidified its status as a name that carries a sense of nobility and romantic appeal. Its variation, Maude, offers an alternative spelling convention for those seeking a slight variation.

Whether spelled Maud or Maude, the name continues to captivate with its classic charm and connection to power and historical significance.