Moira Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

The Meaning and Origin of Moira

Moira is a name that exudes mystery and destiny, fittingly reflecting its meaning and origin. The name Moira has Greek roots, derived from the Greek word “μοῖρα” (moira), which translates to “fate” or “destiny.” As such, Moira carries a sense of profound purpose and enigmatic allure.

The Historical Background of Moira

Moira’s history can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was used as a name with connections to the concept of fate and the weaving of destiny by the Moirai, the three goddesses of fate in Greek mythology. The name’s association with destiny and purpose contributed to its popularity in various cultures and regions.

Over time, Moira found its way into different societies and became a beloved choice for parents seeking a name that carries both a touch of ancient wisdom and a sense of timeless appeal.

Popularity of Moira

Moira’s popularity has experienced fluctuations over the years, but it remains a well-loved choice for parents seeking a name with a classic and intriguing sound. The name’s association with destiny and enigmatic allure has contributed to its enduring appeal.

Moira’s charm is not limited to any particular region or culture, as it has been embraced by families worldwide. Its universal allure lies in its ability to convey a sense of purpose and a touch of timeless mystery.

Variations of Moira

While Moira is already a name of intriguing simplicity, various cultures and languages have developed their own unique variations of the name. Here are five notable variations:

  1. Maura: A variation that offers a different form of the name, Maura exudes an enchanting and alluring touch.
  2. Maureen: This variation, found in Irish culture, offers a melodic and graceful interpretation of the name.
  3. Morag: A variation with Scottish origins, Morag adds a touch of uniqueness and cultural flair to the name.
  4. Moirrey: A variation used in Manx culture, Moirrey offers a different pronunciation and interpretation of the name.
  5. Mairi: The Scottish form of the name, Mairi adds an exotic and charming twist to the original name.
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Five Famous People Named Moira

  1. Moira Kelly: An American actress, Moira Kelly is known for her roles in films like “The Cutting Edge” and “Chaplin.”
  2. Moira Stuart: A British journalist and newsreader, Moira Stuart is a prominent figure in the world of news reporting.
  3. Moira Harris: An American actress, Moira Harris has appeared in films like “The Fury” and “The Bedroom Window.”
  4. Moira Shearer: A Scottish ballet dancer and actress, Moira Shearer gained fame for her role in the film “The Red Shoes.”
  5. Moira Orfei: An Italian actress and circus performer, Moira Orfei is a celebrated figure in the world of entertainment.


Moira, a name that carries a sense of destiny and enigmatic allure, has captivated parents and individuals alike for generations. With its Greek roots and meaning of “fate” or “destiny,” Moira symbolizes qualities of purpose and timeless mystery.