What companies are in the public utilities field?

Public utilities are companies that provide essential services such as water, electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications to the public. Some examples of companies that are in the public utilities field include:

  1. Electric utilities: These companies generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to customers.

  2. Gas utilities: These companies distribute natural gas to customers for heating and other uses.

  3. Water utilities: These companies provide clean, safe water for drinking, sanitation, and other uses.

  4. Telecommunications utilities: These companies provide telephone, internet and other forms of communication services.

  5. Cable and satellite television utilities: These companies provide television programming and other services through cable or satellite connections.

  6. Solid waste management utilities: These companies provide collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste services.

  7. Public transportation utilities: These companies provide transportation services such as buses, trains and subways.

These companies are typically regulated by government agencies to ensure that they provide safe and reliable services at reasonable rates. They are usually government-owned, cooperatives or private companies with a monopoly in the area they operate.

It’s worth noting that some of the companies listed above may also fall into other fields such as energy, infrastructure or logistics.

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