What is SKU on facebook marketplace?

SKU, which stands for Stock Keeping Unit, is a unique identifier used to track items in inventory. When you list an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace, you may be prompted to enter a SKU number. This is typically used by sellers who are running a business or who sell a high volume of items.

The SKU number can be used by the seller to keep track of the item in inventory, including how many they have available, and to manage the item’s stock and information on the seller’s back-end inventory management system.

It is also used by Facebook Marketplace to identify the item and be able to display all the information about the product, like the name, condition, price, and images, for the buyers.

It is important to note that not all sellers will be prompted to enter a SKU number on Facebook Marketplace, so it’s not a required field. But, if you are a business seller and you are listing multiple items for sale, it is highly recommendable to have a SKU for each of them, this will help you to track your inventory and sales more effectively.

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