Who are the top 5 money winners on jeopardy?

The top 5 money winners on the game show Jeopardy! are:

  1. Ken Jennings – He won 74 games in a row, accumulating a total of $2,520,700 in winnings.

  2. Brad Rutter – He holds the record for the most winnings on Jeopardy! of all time, with a total of $4,688,436.

  3. James Holzhauer – He is known for his aggressive betting style and won $2,712,216 in 2019.

  4. David Madden – He won $420,000 in 2019,

  5. Julia Collins – She won 20 games in a row in 2014, accumulating $428,100 in winnings

It’s worth noting that these are the top money winners on Jeopardy, these figures may have changed since my knowledge cut-off, as the show is ongoing.

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