Best Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package 2019 [Activation Code]

Monthy Whatsapp Package for Jazz [Mobilink]

Are you looking for cheap and high-speed WhatsApp internet package for Jazz to subscribe on a monthly basis? We have selected the latest and best Monthly WhatsApp bundle for you to fulfill your whole month internet consumptions for WhatsApp chatting, image and video sharing.

Mobilink Jazz has announced one of the best social packages for Whatsapp. This monthly internet bundle is offered to use WhatsApp only. You can consume Up t0 5000MB (MegaBytes) of Mobile  Internet Data to use WhatsApp for 30 days for free.

Also, in addition, you will get 12000 free SMS (Short Messages). So this is a perfect package for chatting on SMS also.

Package NameValidityPriceSub Code
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package30 DaysRs.70 Plus TaxDial *101*1*02# to sub

Price and Monthly Subscription Activation Code


You can avail this monthly WhatsApp bundle on your Jazz SIM in just Rs.70+Tax. for 30 days

Activation Code to Subscribe

To activate this bundle simply Dial *101*1*02# from your phone. This simple USSD Activation command will activate this package for you in a matter of seconds.

Deactivation Code to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from this bundle you can use this USSD command *101*4*02# simply dial and your monthly package will be deactivated and you will be unsubscribed from service.

Validity & Usability Duration Period

As this Jazz Package is based on a monthly subscription and has 30 days of the validity period. So you have 30 days to use your 5000 MBs of Whatsapp and 12000 SMS messages for all other telecom networks subscribers in Pakistan.


jazz monthly whatsapp package

Terms & Conditions

  1.  This is a limited time offer and can be changed at any time.
  2. 5000 MBs of Whatsapp can be used with 12000 SMS for all local networks in a month.
  3. Fair Use Policy will be applied on this monthly bundle.
  4. This bundle required reactivation after 30 days from date of activation.

Following vidoeo Explain’s How to Exactly Sub for Jazz WhatsApp Package.

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