Free Thunkable Earning App AiA File [Quick Download]

Earning App AiA File for Thunkable

Do you want to earn money from your Thunkable App?? This is the most advanced and latest earning App Aia file for Thunkable. Simply download this project and import it into Thunkable drag and drop interface. Now you can customize your earning app as per your requirements.

Also, you can use AdMob Ad banners to earn from this App. Only you need to change your ad unit id’s to start earning money from it. This earning App has following key features.

Earning App Key Features

  1. You can assign daily task to App users.
  2. Friends referral system allows you to earn more users and money.
  3. Sidebar menu allows users to explore more and helps to engage them.
  4. Simple User Interface helps to enhance user experience.

This money making App aia file will also enhance your thunkable app development experience. And you will be able to learn new thunkable tools. Your money earning app will bost and maximize your ad revenue in a safe way.

please click on download link below to quickly download thunkable earning app aia file.

Download Now

thunkable money earning app aia file


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