Free Thunkable aia Files Download – 150 Complete Projects

Free Thunkable aia Files Download

Are you looking for thunkable projects and want to download thunkable .aia files then you are at right place. Here you will find 100% working aia files and complete thunkable projects to download.

Thunkable is now getting famous rapidly. There are many sites offering these files but most of them not working or broken links.

We have created many projects using drag and drop app generators, We want to share these projects with you.

We started sharing aia files when we had only 10 projects but now we have more than 150 fully working thunkable aia files to share with you. You can get these projects completely free.

Following AiA Files are Available for Quick Download

These Thunkable App Aia Files are available for quick download just click on any green button below and enjoy the download these all Apps are working and 100% tested on Thunkable new and old bother versions.

IPL Cricket Live Score App Aia File

This cricket score App is designed in Thunkable with premium UI (User Interface). To reflect real-time live cricket score. Click the link below to follow the download page.

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Browser aia File 

High-quality browser aia file is also included in our full project package you can also download free UC Browser Aia file for Thunkable.

This Thunkable browser project aia file contains high-quality latest browser project designed in Thunkable web interface. So this is one of our best aia file which we are offering free for you. Follow the link below to for download page.

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Whatsapp Status Video Sharing App

This is one of our best app, This app allows users to share short status videos on Whatsapp in a single click. You can add more and more videos in this App. To download this project follow the download page below.

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Thunkable Math Quiz App

This math quiz App will allow users to participate in a maths quiz by answering simple questions. Users can log in and create their profile as well they can enjoy the beautiful interface of this App. Administrators have options to add more multiple-choice Questions and Answers.

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Chat Pro App Aia File for Thunkable

This chat app allows users to chat and interact with each other in real-time. We used firebase realtime database at backed to provide best chat experience to app users. This project is highly customizable and you can customize easily as per your requirements. Follow the green button below to download aia file.

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Money Earning App

This money making App will allow you to earn money from Admob ads and will boost your app revenue instantly. to download earning app aia file click the green button below.

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Game AiA file for Thunkable

Do you love games and want to design your first game based on thunkable platform?? So you can now download the latest game aia file for free. This game was designed in a beautiful user interface.

Also, this game is simple and easy to play. So don’t miss a chance to learn and earn via this game App. Simply click the link below to download.

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How To Get 150 Free Thunkable AIA Files at Once.

If you want to get a free bundle of 150 aia files at once in a compressed ZIP file. These projects are updated and working perfectly. We only want little favor from you that you have to share this website link on facebook. please follow these simple steps mentioned below to get a huge collection of aia files.

  1. Share this post to facebook
  2. now send us an email to [email protected] with facebook post link which you shared.
  3. you have done now please wait for a few minutes so we can check if you have shared this post or not. in a few minutes you will get the download link for projects. usually, you will get a download link in 10 minutes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question related to your files. Please continue to visit our website as we are updating and adding new and amazing Thunkable projects very soon.

Why We Are Offering These AiA files and Projects for free?

We believe that our hard work will be more valuable if we share our work with others. Helping others is more than everything so we are sharing our Thunkable aia files for free.

You can also help us by sharing our website and this post to your friends. So let’s help each other to grow together.

We also design customized apps and offer for free. for example, if you have a website and want to get an android app so you can contact us email mentioned above.

Don’t worry its completely free. We will send a download link to your email address within a few minutes to download thunkable aia file for free.

Do You Want to Publish Thunkable Apps to Play Store??

I want to let you know that making an app for any website is not a difficult task anymore. Most people prefer auto-generated apps created by automation tools like thunkable and appsgeyser.

But unfortunately play store is very strict about their spam policies nowadays.

I am sure if you got your app generated from any automated tools without proper setting and without following some required steps, Play Store will not allow you to publish your app.

Even you will lose your developer account if you did not follow their guidelines and policies.

So what should you do if you are not a developer and don’t know how to develop an Android App in Android Studio? Here is a solution. You can get our free android studio projects below.

We Are Offering Following Android Studio Projects For Free.

Here are some trending Android Studio Projects which we offer our blog readers for free. Yes, you can also get your android app ready.

No.1 Android Jokes App

This is a news app which we have already published to play store and tested as well. You can see this app live on play store from This Link: URDU Jokes if you want this type of Android App for free please contact us.

You will also earn from this app because we will allow you to add your AdMob banner ad unit to this will get  App with 100% signed APK and ready to publish to Play Store.

No.2 Fast Charging App

Fast charging App is an android app which helps the smartphone to charge quickly by turning off some extra features while charging. So users get a smooth and quick battery charging experience.

We also have Free Thunkable .aia file for charging app.

Do You Need an Android App for Your Website?

You can send us your website link with an icon which you prefer to use with your app. and Also you can send us your Admob Ad unit id code to implement in your app.

We will create a Free custom Android app for your website that will make Play Store happy to publish. But if you still prefer to use thunkable .aia files you can follow simple steps mentioned above.

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