MIT App Inventor 2 Quick Introduction & Project Setup Tutorial

MIT App Inventor 2 Quick Introduction & Project Setup Tutorial

What is MIT App Inventor 2?

MIT App inventor 2 is the most advanced cloud-based app building tool. Using App inventor you can build apps from your web browser very quickly and easily. The MIT App tool is very useful for beginners to get their own apps. You can build multiple type apps in simple ways like drag and drop.

You will find many tools to build your app in minutes. you can follow the link below to get your first app ready. But before going deep in-app building I suggest you to read this article to which will help you to build app in easy steps. To use MIT App inventor you have to understand their Drag and Drop app builder and back-end code block editor.

MIT App Inventor 2 Site Link

How to setup MIT App Inventor 2 on your smartphone to test projects.

Before building your first app using MIT App Inventor you must set up your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to test your projects. please follow these simple steps you setup your device for app inventor. you can set up your device three different ways.

1. Setting up App Inventor 2 on android device with a wireless internet connection.

If you are using the wireless internet connection on your phone like WiFi you just need to install MIT App Inventor 2 app form play store. After installing this app you will be able to test your app live on your phone.

 2. Android App Emulator setup on Computer or laptop

If you don’t have an android phone then you must use Android App Emulator to test your apps live. Android Emulator is a software which simulates real android OS experience on Windows or Mac-based computer. Download any android emulator on your computer.

3. Connecting your phone with PC

If you have an android device but you don’t have wireless internet connection on the same network for your phone. Then you have to connect your phone with the computer using the USB interface, but this option is not recommended and also is a little bit tricky because you have to install all USB drivers and supported software.

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