Asif Bashir Bhagat Great Personality of Mandi Bahuddin

Asif Bashir Bhagat Great Personality of Mandi Bahuddin

Asif Basir Bhagat Bio Data & Personality Overview.

Mr. Asif Basir Bhagat is a great political personality of district Mandi Bhauddin. He lives in a village called Bhagat near tehsil Phalia. Asif Bashir Bhagat was born in 1976. He is a lawyer by profession in Lahore high court.

Asif Bashir Bhagat is really very impressive personality. Mr. Asif loves to help others he is known as a social worker in the village. in the Previous election was elected with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and was selected as MPA (Member of Provincial Assembly).

Asif Basir Bhagat is known as great leader in local area. As political History, Asif Bashir was also elected as MPA in 2008 against PML-N candidates Pir Sayed Tariq Yaqoob and Basma Riaz. Let’s talk about his business. Asif Basir Bhagat has a fisheries business in his local village. Asif Basir Bhagat Facebook profile is open to public where he shared his personal contact number and other contact information.

Asif Bashir Bhagat Family

Asif has 3 brothers 1 elder and 2 younger brothers. They all are good in business he has 3 kids (siblings) he has good well-respected family in the town.

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