How to Start Mobile Phone Shop Business in Pakistan ? Case Study

How to Start Mobile Phone Shop Business in Pakistan ? Case Study

Starting New Mobile Phone Shop Business in Pakistan

Do you want to start a new cell phone shop? Or you already own Mobile Phone Shop Business and want to increase your sales and profit?

So keep reading this article This article is based on deep research, your few minutes for reading will give you a clear idea for starting a successful business and also tips to increase your sales, profit and customer’s satisfaction.

We have also shared Wholesale Dealers contact numbers and details from where you can buy products for your shop.

یہ آرٹیکل ارد و میں پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں

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Mobile phone users especially smartphone users increased by double between the previous 2 years. This is because of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan.

Before going deep in topic I want to let you know what we will learn in this topic of How to start mobile phone shop business in Pakistan. This article belongs to a survey in Pakistani smartphone market.

Also before writing this article we had a meeting with successful Mobile phone retailers in the town and from different cities.

So let’s see how to start your own business as mobile phone and mobile phone accessories retailer.

Here in this business talk, we will discover following key points about cell phone related business.

  • How Much Profitable business as being a mobile phone retailer?
  • What is key to success in mobile phone and accessories sales business?
  • Which products are more profitable in Mobile phone shop?
  • Which products are not profitable but strongly recommended and you must have in your shop?
  • How much minimum investment is required to start a mobile phone shop business in Pakistan?
  • Where to buy products and what you should keep in mind before buying products for your mobile phone shop?
  • Optional services which you can provide in your mobile phone or Mobile Accessories shop.
  • Mobile shop business tips to improve your sales and profit.
  • Mobile shop business ideas to improve your profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Easy load Profit Margin
  • Mobile Repairing Business in Pakistan


اردو زبان میں موباِٖئل شاپ بزنس گائیڈ کی مکمل ویڈیو دیکھیں


How Much Profitable Business as Being Mobile Phone Retailer?

As we had deep research about mobile phone shop business and we also had face to face conversation with some of the legends in this market.

After deep analysis, we have calculated the amount of profit in mobile phone retail level business in smartphone market.

Profit in purchase and sales of smartphone and related accessories depends on two main factors. When you have done research about your business location and products.

You are ready to buy products now. on average a mobile phone shop owner can earn about Rs.70,000 /- to Rs.1,80,000/- A month. 1 Lac  is really handsome income so you must keep following points in your mind before starting new shop.

No1. Location of Your Business.

Before starting mobile phone sales or before opening new mobile phone shop you must survey local market about how much walk-in customer you can get to a specific place.

At least 50 + customers should visit your shop daily. So be careful while selecting location for your mobile phone shop.

No.2 Product Selection.

You Must be very selective while choosing products for you mobile phone shop, According to your local requirements. So you can visit your nearest mobile market and keep an eye to available products there.

What is Key to Success in Mobile Phone & Accessories Sales Business?

Being loyal to your customers is only key to success in mobile phone shop business. Some mobile phone retailers has been observed doing well even they don’t have enough investment and Good shop.

They have beaten up their competitors by caring for their customers as much as they can. Handle customer complaints as your first priority.

In some cases easyload customer complains that they did not received easyload which is often low in amount, don’t consider amount here and resolve the complaint instantly.

Which Products are More Profitable in Mobile Phone Shop?


All business experts tells a rule called 80,20 principle. Eighty, Twenty principle means every business has 20 products sold more than other 80s out of hundred.

And in some organizations, 20 employees will work hard for business than other 80 employees.

So some products are not profitable but must be part of your business. In our research core report analysis tells us that Easypaisa, New Mobiles, Mobile Accessories and used mobile are more profitable in any mobile phone shop.

So you can consider them as your core products and must focus on it while planning for your purchase budget.

Which Products are Not Profitable But Strongly Recommended and You Must Have in Your Shop?

Easyload, SIM Cutter Tools, Screen Cleaning Tools, Easypaisa Mobile Account Deposit and Small screen protectors are not much profitable products in this business but highly recommended by expert mobile phone shop retailers to attract customers to your shop.

Because all retailers not offering these services at their retail shop. So its good to go into a competitive market with these tools. It will boost to increase in your walk-in customer.

How Much Minimum Investment is Required to Start a Mobile Phone Shop Business in Pakistan?</strong



For a Startup business if you are planning to start only with Mobile Phone Accessories, Then investment of Rs.80000/- to 1 Lac is enough.

But if you are planning to open a shop with all of services like New mobile phones, Easypaisa, Easyload, Mobile Accessories. Then you must have a minimum investment of 4 to 5 Lac.

Where to Buy Products and What You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Products for Your Mobile Phone Shop?

In startup after managing expenses and investments, There is a big problem from where you should buy products because you don’t know wholesale rates and prices for different products.

In this situation, this is very difficult to take a step ahead to your first purchase.But I am very thankful to Online Raja Bazar Pakistan’s First Online Wholesale Dealer  they solved this problem for startup business.

Many retailers personally suggest to visit their website Here. They are offering Online wholesale shopping in Pakistan for mobile phone accessories with best wholesale price.

You will get your order delivered to your shop. On the other hand, you can visit to your local wholesale dealer. But be very selective in products while purchasing.

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Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories

Optional Services Which You Can Provide in Your Mobile Shop.

There are some optional services and products which you can offer within your mobile phone shop like Mobile phone repairing, Software and Firmware solutions for smartphones and feature phones.

These products and services are optional but more profitable also require skills.


Mobile Shop Business Tips to Improve Your Sales & Profit.

There are some selected tips for mobile shop business to improve your sales at your shop. Remember customer requires satisfaction, you must focus on customer satisfaction.

So the question is how you can satisfy your customer to improve sales. So there are few tips and steps you can take to get the maximum level of your customer satisfaction which will help you to improve sales.

Tip # 1

Spouse if one of your customer comes to you and with a complaint in your product don’t tell them there was no fault in our product. Try to connect with customer to his emotional level by accepting that product was faulty. And there is no fault in customer observation and no doubt on customer experience with a specific product.

First you must listen to customer carefully and let him say all what he want to tell you about his poor experience with that product. This will make customer feel good when you will reply to his complaint.

He will think that you have heard his problem properly and will solve it. Now its time to connect with customer go ahead and offer him different products which will cost a little bit more but will give him good experience.

Here at this point your customer will listen to you carefully and make sure to give him a product with is really good in quality.

Tip #2

Mobile phone shop business contains electronic products so there are huge chances of faults in products. Another Tip to increase your sales is you can sell cross products.

But very carefully don’t let customer know that you are trying to sell more products. Your product presentation and conversation should go in a natural way cross-selling in mobile phone shop business is very easy.

For example if your customer is looking for a cell phone charger you can offer him a Hands-Free related to that specific phone model. this is called cross-selling.

These tips for mobile shop business will give you more then you expect. Just you need to point and apply these tips at right time with right customer.

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How Much Profit You Can Earn From Easy load – Easy load Profit


Easyload profit is calculated in percentage on average easy load retailer profit revolves around 2.5% to 3%. Easyload profit is called as retailer commission in mobile phone shop business. So following we are breaking down retailer commission for different companies.

Telenor Easy load Retailer Commission

Telenor Pakistan offering 2.5% of easy load commission for telenor easy load retailers.

Jazz load Retailer Commission

Jazz Mobilink Pakistan offering 2.6% of easy load commission for jazz easy load retailers.

Ufone Easy load Retailer Commission

Ufone offering 2.65% of easy load commission for ufone eas yload retailers.

Zong Retailer Easy load Commission 

Zong offering 2.8% of easy load commission for Zong easyload retailers.

Mobile Repairing Business in Pakistan

As everyday new smartphones are getting part of mobile market, So they need to be serviced or repaired. There is a huge potential in mobile phone repair market.

cell phone repairing is now a very easy task there are many institute offering best training related to cell phone hardware repairing and software or firmware installation and updates.

This is really very profitable business there are some simple faults that mobile phones face usually. Mobile phone Mic, Speaker and Ringer are most common problems in mobile phones.

These are parts are available in few Rupees in wholesale market. Like a simple universal mic price is about Rs.5/- in Pakistani rupees but mobile technician will charge you from Rs.150/- to Rs.350/- depending on mobile phone model and manufacturer.

So there is a huge profit inside mobile phone repairing and servicing business. You can hire a qualified mobile repair technician in your cell phone shop.

if you want to check wholesale price of most cell phone common spare parts then you can visit Dukan24.PK Also you can place online order to get delivered cellphone spare parts to your shop.

To Consult More Contact Mobile Business Experts Below.

We are very thankful to Mr. Babar Naeem Running a Retail Outlet and Mr.Waqas Anjum running an Online WholeSale Business to provide their personal contact numbers and allow us to publish to our website.

You can contact them and ask them more about Mobile phone shop business. For retail business you can get in touch with Mr.Babar Naeem, and for your wholesale purchase, you can consult to Mr.Waqas Anjum. Working as CRM at Online Raja Bazar.

Babar Naeem: 0343-3388881

Waqas Anjum: 0341-2222333

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