Best Places to Travel in 2019 Tourist Information Everyone Should Know

Best Places to Travel in Year 2019

Do you have plan to travel in 2019 ?? When you want to have a journey or planning a tour to anywhere in the world. Sometimes it is more difficult task to decide where we should go to spend holidays. World is most beautiful and make us confused which part of world we should select for a tour. Traveling or planning a trip is very difficult task because it requires knowledge about place which we selected, like best hotels to the destination, travel guidance, and all about accommodation and documentation required for a specific destination. In this article we will see some best places to travel. So you can easily select the place to travel. Also we will discuss some tourist information about related destination. Lets see best places to travel.

 1. Bali   #1 In Best Places to Travel

Bali is an island in Indonesia it is well know for its forests. Bali is also covered with volcanic mountains. If you like natural places then and want to observe the nature to a close look, then Bali can be your first choice to travel. It is most beautiful part of the world some people considers it like heaven. Beaches in Bali are increasing its beauty and value, especially you will feel a great impact on your mood to see corals and crystal clear water in sea. You will find very tasty foods there also best serving hotels and restaurants.

Bali is best place in Asia to travel. Especially for activities like honeymoon Bali is very luxurious. Also you can enjoy elephant riding. Monkeys there will attract your attention. Don’t forget to eat rice especially cooked with local formal recipes. Have a special and unique taste. By meanings of native language Bali is Land of Dreams.


Best time to visit Bali is from April to October. Special foods in Bali are combined with Chinese and Indian foods. You will feel a touch of different tastes especially in fish and chickens.

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 2. Bora Bora (Island)  #2 In Best Places to Travel

Bora Bora is also an island in pacific ocean, located in the France. Bora Bora is Actually Pora Pora by local language Pora means first to come in exist. Most area is covered with forests. You will also find volcano’s, with high mountains, and deserts full of sand. This is a small island less then 6 miles long and 2 miles wide. Considered best place for winter vacations. You can visit the Matira Beach with crystal clear water enriched with true natural sand.


You will also like to visit Hilton Nui Resort with is also one of best resorts in the world. Best months to travel Bora Bora are just April and November. Mostly people speak French here but no problem you can speak English people also understand English well. So while communicating to local people you will feel no difficulty. To get around the Bora Bora it is good to use rental bikes because island is small enough to enjoy with bike riding.


3. Paris  #3 In Best Places to Travel

Paris is still glorious and still called city of lights. First look at Eiffel Tower will create a noticeable impact to your journey. Well furnished and greatly arranged markets will attract you to have a great experience of shopping from Paris. River through the city deserves to be admired. You will see the beauty of city at night that will looks more gorgeous in evenings. Pars attracts millions of visitors every year, people who visited Paris once like to go again and will not forget the beauty of city which is perfectly in action.


Paris is considered as best  and romantic place to travel in Europe. You can buy special gifts for your loved ones, so keep your pockets full of money while visiting Paris. For your summer vacations Paris is an ideal place. As the June, July, and August are the best months to visit the Paris.

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4. Tokyo #4 In Best Places to Travel

Tokyo is also one of beautiful places in the world and deserves to have a number in this list. Tokyo is well known for temples, museums, and large markets. Tokyo is one of largest city in Japan. If you are interested in historic places and like to see old traditions. Then Tokyo is best place for you to travel. It is also busiest place in Japan here where you can see large markets doing business in professional manners. The Meiji Shrine Still holds grate historical values.


While walking through Tokyo subway will serve you better. This subway is like a back bone for Tokyo city, it connects the main places like air ports and nearby cities to Tokyo. If you are planning your trip during September to November then it’s the best time to visit Tokyo.


5. Rome  #5 In Best Places to Travel

Rome is city of hills you will see seven most beautiful series of hills. When traveling to Rome you should keep luggage that meets to requirements for high hills and walk through mountains. Some places in Rome are very mysteries about magic and ghosts stories. Some historical places also impact the theory of its mystery to create mysteries effect to your mind. Rome is ranked as best places in the Europe for family vacations and also best place to visit.

rome words-best-places-to-travel

January to April and October to December is considered as best time to visit the Rome. Getting residence is easy also you will feel comfortable to see cooperative people there. Markets there will inspire you for shopping so its good to have lot of money with you.


6. New York  #6 In Best Places to Travel

New York City is also city of lights in United States. The city is very close to Atlantic Ocean and it’s the main reason of its glory. Very famous financial and trade center are the part of beauty. Iconic skyscrapers with largest shopping malls are noticeable part of New York City.  You will find best level of artistic work and handy crafts. Now York is also ranked as best shopping place in the World so keep your pockets heavy. The city is also well-known for best foods and recopies. Actually its over crowded city with full of life and enjoyments.


Traveling to the New York City is perfectly suitable for the whole year. You don’t need to wait for a special time to visit the City. New York is best place to spend your vacations.


7. Barcelona  #7 In Best Places to Travel

Barcelona is also best place to travel in the world. People in Barcelona known as athletes with great athletics talent. Best and tasty quality foods will increase your appetite. Barcelona is also famous for great architect designs. Building and places will attract you to admire them. Beautiful beaches and night clubs in Barcelona are greatly managed. It’s the best place for fun lovers or for those who want to enjoy some moments. You have to stay here at least one week to explore the beauty of Barcelona. Barcelona is famous as best place to visit for family vacations. And know as best place in Europe.


While walking through the city don’t forget visit the Guell Park in Barcelona city. As the park is also very famous so don’t miss the chance. Best time to visit this city is May and June. So if you are planning your summer vacations then Barcelona is the best choice for you.

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8. Cape Town #8 In Best Places to Travel

If you like adventurous activities then Capt Town is for you. Get ready pack up your luggage and travel to South Africa’s great city Cap Town. You will enjoy hill climbing and heavy rocks covered with big mountains. The city is one to top destination of Africa. Deserts here are filled with golden sand and beaches are filled with natural glory. Perfect natural landscapes are main part of the beauty. You can have awesome selfie and photo sessions there.


Be very selective while picking stuff for your journey keep in mind that you are going to climb on high hills. Cap Town is best for Spring Vacations you can enjoy with your family. March, April and May is very suitable time to travel the Cap Town. Don’t forget to enjoy some historical places in the city.

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