General Home Safety Tips, with Smart Safety Checklist


General Home Safety Tips

Life is very busy now. No one have time to stay at home and check safety, even we don’t have time to look around or check inside our home for security and safety measures.

Here are a few general home safety tips for you to manage safety at your home. Usual things which look normal around us, sometimes create a dangerous situation.

Especially home appliances, when home appliances like AC, washing machine, micro wave etc. get old we should change them they are at high risk.

An old washing machine which has weak insulation wires inside can be the cause of an electric shock. So its better to keep an eye at stuff around you inside your home.

And make a checklist for a weekly basis at least. Especially for those sweet homes, where kids and infants are living with parents.

It is really very important to keep safety rules updated. Don’t let your laziness to make a big mistake that can be a cause of serious injury or damaging anything that is valuable.

So in this topic, we will discuss general home safety tips. Its good practice to make a checklist. So create a checklist and name it safety at home.

Make sure to check security measures at least weekly. While writing down your safety points in your checklist don’t forget to add safety rules when no one is in home.

I mean security alarms that can communicate to your cell phone. When no one is at home they will work fine as a watchman.

Here are few very important general safety tips which you can add to your weekly safety checklist.

General Home Safety Tips for kids Safety

  1. While buying toys for your kids please check and consider age for what age limits are to play with a specific toy. For example, if you bought a toy which is made for older kids may have some narrow sides and parts. So if you let younger or infant kids to play with that toy it can be seriously dangerous. Toy can hurt sensitive body parts like eyes. And soft skin of infants. So be careful and very selective while purchasing toys for younger kids.
  2. Check for insulation of electric wires and plugs close to the floor. Because kids can easily approach them. If you have few spare sockets and plugs permanently cover them with insulation tape.
  3. Never leave alone your kids close to the swimming pool or water.
  4. Don’t put needles or sharp edge tools to a place where kids have an easy approach.
  5. Change and check battery cells for your TV remote regularly if the batteries are old enough they can leak an acidic liquid that is very dangerous especially for kids, who has a habit to put everything in the mouth.
  6. If you are using table fans in your home don’t let kids to play near table fan.
  7. Keep cleaning materials and all chemicals away from kids its good practice to keep chemicals and cleaning materials in a locked store room.
  8. All medicines including cosmetics like lotion face cream, powder and makeup kits should not be reachable for kids.

Living Area and Rooms Safety

  1. Make sure to keep clean insulation for your home appliances.
  2. Electrical appliances gets power form two wires don’t forget to add third wire to ground in your home appliances. Actually third wire is connected with ground in case of short circuit the third wire will transfer electrical current to ground. To keep safe human from an electrical shock. And also when a high current will run through ground. Automatic circuit breakers will cuts off the power.
  3. Place emergency equipment’s and phone numbers near the telephone. And keep them maintained.
  4. Keep good relationship with neighbors in your absence they can take good care of your home. And also they can help you in case of emergency. And make sure to have a good communication channel in the neighborhood to deal with critical situations.
  5. Check carpets while cleaning for small objects like pins and needles you can use magnet for this purpose to find them easily. Because a pins could not be sucked by vacuum cleaner if deeply inserted in carpets.
  6. Daily check stairs after cleaning is there any liquid or anything wrong with stair steps. Make sure to keep dry and clean stair steps. Slipping and falling from stairs is not good practice by the way.
  7. Install smoke detectors in your home and make sure to test them all. If they are working fine or not.
  8. Don’t try to fix and repair stuff by yourself if you really don’t know about.

 Safety Checklist for Home When you are Away from Home

  1. If you have a plan to visit somewhere for a long time don’t place notices on your main door, telling peoples that no one is at home. Its clear notification for thieves and other intruders. Sure they will enjoy this open invitation.
  2. Install some security devices that has the capability to communicate with your cell phone and attach them to main doors and windows of your home.
  3. Turn off all electrical equipment’s if possible turn off the main switch from power control panel. But don’t let the security device power down.
  4. If you have installed landline phone, take the ringer volume off at silence because ringing phone will also a notification for thieves. That there is no one at home that’s why no one is attending the phone calls.
  5. Don’t place pictures of your vacation on your social media, until you come back to home.  Its really a clear indication for intruders.

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Tips for your Kitchen and Dining Area Safety

  1. Make sure to clean and check regularly exhaust of kitchen is it working fine.
  2. Keep breakable things at a safe place with a safe distance from shelves like plates and glass items. To not let them fall down easily.
  3. While cleaning and washing dishes make sure to use enough water to wash out detergents and cleaning materials. They are also injurious for health.
  4. All kitchen tools like knives and sharp blades keep at safe place away from children even you can also touch them accidentally so be careful. And keep them in well arranged way.
  5. Unplug all kitchen appliances when not in use. To avoid electric shock and It will be also helpful to decrease your electric bill as well.
  6. Fire related tools like matches and lighters should be placed in a high mounted cabinet.
  7. Keep plastic bags away from sink and water sewerage pipes. Plastic bags can easily block water pipes. Also plastic bags are injurious for pets.
  8. keep a working fire extinguisher in kitchen and let all home member know how to use it.
  9. don’t keep flammable things near stoves and hot areas.

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