Best Android Apps and tips for Android app installation

Best Android Apps and tips for Android app installation

Android tips for android app installation

Now a days smart phones got almost complete functionality of Personal computers. People are using cell phone for many tasks especially for Internet surfing. A new smart phone comes with factory defaults and has basic functionality to the supported features.To get your android phone functionality increased you need to install android apps according to your requirements or usage. Here we will look at best android apps and app installation tips  which everyone should know  and have in their phone.

As we mentioned above, a smart phone with factory defaults has less functionality. Even any smart phone can support to a wide range of functions and features. Some features are hidden from users access and  some are available in UI (User Interface) but still you can increase features by installing some new apps to your smart phone to make it more smarter and better.



Why we need to install custom apps ?

Why a smart phone with factory defaults has less features? Actually manufacturer don’t know about each and every user’s choice and requirements. So they don’t install everything with factory defaults, because of some system limitations. For example someone who just want to play music on android phone maybe he don’t need to use Facebook or internet services. So why company should install facebook to that phone to occupy more space on it. Basically and technically there are many limitations here like Free storage, Stand by battery life, Processor and RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and several more system resources.That’s why company design smart phone to support wide features but let users to chose. The apps for their requirements.

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From where I can get android apps?

You can find android apps every where at the internet. But we strongly suggest you to install apps form Google Play Store. Because apps at Google play store are trusted and fulfill the google apps policy parameters. Google test apps before uploading to play store.That’s why when you install apps from any other source instead of play store you have to confirm and allow installation manually.

Because apps from other source are not trusted may have malware, virus or can steal your personal data. Even apps from other sources can damage your device. So always use trusted software’s and apps for your android device.

Important things to check while installing a new android app

 If you need to install a new android app as we already mentioned select a reliable source for android apps like google play store. But also keep in mind about apps permissions. Yes every android app which you install form Google play store will asks several system permissions.

For example if you are installing android app to manage your SMS messages or want to backup your SMS then relative app will ask the permission to access your SMS messages because of app nature. In this way if you are going to install app for managing your photo or photo editing then app may ask for Camera and Gallery permissions. Every time when we install apps Google play store will show use which system feature will be used after installation of a specific app.

So next time when you will install new app after taping over install button remember to check for app permissions. And make sure app is using related permissions for which app is created for. For example if you are installing app for SMS and app is asking permissions for camera then don’t install it or check all other permissions. And also look at application size to estimate how much system resources that app will use.

Best android Apps to extend Smart phone functionality and Features.

Everyone has its own requirements and usage. So here we will discuses some best apps you must have in your phone to get access to some more and advanced features.

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1) VidMate (For Music and Video downloading)


Everyone love music and media but some time we don’t have internet access to listen music online. And listing music or watching videos online will also use your mobile data, and  your billing cost will be increased. So the solution is to download your favorite music or video which you watch often. I personally used VidMate for video downloader .Vidmate supports a wide range of video streaming website even you can download videos from Youtube. It has built in movie and music selection menu so you can download latest movies and music as well.




2) Security 360 (For virus protection and system resources clean up)


 When you start using new android phone everything will work fine. But after few months you will notice the phone is going slow with less battery timings. Its because of some apps using huge amount of system resources and cached data. Security 360 will sort out these apps and also will tweak your android device to clean system resources to provide you better device performance and battery life. Security 360 will also provide you protection against viruses.




3) Wifi File Transfer (To transfer file between your device and PC over wifi)


Some time we have to transfer files to our computer or transfer from computer to smart phone. In this way we always should have USB data cables and all system drivers installed to communicate with Computer. And also you have a great risk to get viruses and malware in your phone during file transfer with USB cables.

But the Wifi File transfer will provide you clean web interface where you can access your all files over the wifi staying on same network. You don’t need to carry USB data cables or system driver with you. You can easily upload and download files from your computer or smart phone.

4) Fing (A network monitoring tool)


 Keeping an eye to your network is very important because if someone is connected to your network and you don’t know that could be very dangerous for your personal data. Especially hackers can access your personal data from your phone and PC. Also if some one is using your wifi network obviously he will use to increase your data charges and billing plan.

Fing is a great network tool. You can scan every device connected to your network even with device Mac Address and IP as well. So you can easily ban it or block it to get access to your network. Many more useful features and functions are provided by Fing Tool.

5) Sweet Selfie (To enhance your photo selfie experience)


Everyone wants to look beautiful and take good selfies to share on social media. Sweet Selfie is the great solution for taking good quality of photos and selfies. Sweet selfie has built in photo editor you can adjust brightness, color saturation many other features available to edit photos.

Some time our background details make our photos merged with background so in this way our object will lose the focus of viewer. That will create a bad impact over all. Sweet selfie will give you an option to set focus on your face or any main object in your photo. Many built in effects and filters will also enhance your photo quality.


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