How to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

How to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

SD Card Data & File Recovery


Have you lost your files and looking for recover your file from SD card or want to recover files from internal storage of your phone. Don’t worry let us help you out to recover all of your files images videos and everything. Follow these simple steps to recover media on your phone.

Now a days mobile smart phones are getting more smart because of their features and quality. Before few years in past, mobile phones were equipped with a basic camera. Which we used to capture some basic level photos with low resolutions.

And the captured video or pictures were very low in size. So less space was  required to store that type of photos and videos. But now everything is changed.  SD Cards are available in maximum capacity to handle high resolution pictures and videos coming from latest smart phones. As everybody knows latest smart phones already come with high definition camera which require more storage to save files.

As every smart phone comes with enough memory to handle basic operations. But still we need to increase its memory. SD Cards are widely used to extend internal memory of any smart phone especially for media like photos and videos. So its clear that every one may have some personal data on SD Card which is very important sometime. So think if you got that data deleted, or you formatted your SD Card what would happen.

Could you get your data back. Luckily the answer is Yes. Yes you can get your deleted files back. You can recover your deleted files easily from your SD Card. Even if you already have deleted or formatted your SD Card and again written data on it. Still you can get and recover your photos and files back using SD card data recovery.

It really does not matter how much time you formatted your SD Card and how much time you again stored new data on it. If your SD Card is working properly, you can get almost all your data back. Which you have deleted previous year or two or three years before. In this article we will learn how to recover deleted files from your sd card. In very simple way just you need to arrange.

  • A Computer or Laptop
  • USB SD Card Reader
  • And Data Recovery Software. (icare data recovery software)

How Recover Deleted Files From SD Card using icare data recovery Software

First you need to download icare-data recovery software you can download iCare Data Recovery Software Form Here or search google for icare data recovery software.After downloading software install it and take sd card out from your phone put it in  a sd card reader. Plug the the sd card reader in your laptop or computer and let windows install any driver software if required. Start the icare data recovery tool which will looks like as below:


You will find 4 options here

  • Lost partition recovery
  • Advanced file recovery
  • Deep scan recovery
  • Format recovery

Last Partition Recovery

Lost partition recovery is useful for your hard drive if you have created partitions previously then use this option to recover your data from hard drive. As often we have to re partition our hard drive some time full infected hard drive or sometime to reset it.

Advanced File Recovery

If you don’t know how your data was wasted and even you don’t know file formats because sometime due to data corruption file formats can not be recognized then you can use this option. I mean for a corrupted sd card this option will be more useful.

Deep Scan Recovery

If you have used advanced file recovery and other options too, But still you are unable to get expected data, Then you can use deep scan recovery option. This option will take more time and dig data from deep inside of your sd card.

Format Recovery

if you have accidentally formatted your sd card previously then simply you can go through this option. To dig out your formatted data this option is more reliable and can recover deleted data as well. If your sd card is in normal condition then this format recovery option will give you better results. So I suggest you to try it first.

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Get Ready To  Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

After selecting format recovery option from the menu you will get to the new window which will looks like this.


Here you will find a list of connected storage devices to your computer including hard disk drive. So make sure to select correct drive from here, As we are going to recover SD Card data so select sd card and click to recover button. Don’t forget to check size of SD Card storage to make sure and confirm it is sd card. Now click on recover button. Sit back and relax it may take few minutes depending on your sd card storage size and data.After completion of recovery process you will find a list of recovered files. You can preview files and can save it to your local computer drive.

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Be careful while recovering your storage media some time you will get few viruses recovered if previously your sd card was infected with virus. So check before saving files to your local computer after recovery.

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