Thunkable Alternatives with Advanced Options [Easy App Building]

Recommended Thunkable Alternatives & App Builders

I have listed here the best Thunkable alternatives which will help you to save your lot of time and also will help you to create best quality and modern Apps wich google will love to publish on Play Store.

Thunkable is a famous app drag & drop App builder used for both Android & IOS Apps. But there are few complications Thunkable do not provide some advanced options to create Apps.

There is a huge competition on App Store and Google Play Store. Developers are creating high-quality Apps. But thunkable don’t allow you to create Apps with advanced functions and good in quality.

That’s why most of thunkable users are searching for Thunkable alternatives to fulfill their needs and modern App requirements.

Also while building logic blocks and flow charts for your thunkable app you will feel some lack of options and limited functions. So in this scenario, this is not possible to create high end mobile apps with enhanced user experience and UI (User Interface).

I was also developing an Android App for my eCommerce website  using thunkable app builder, But I was not able to complete my project staying there inside Thunkable UI.

I tried many online tools to create my apps with required functionality and requirements so today i am going to share my personal experience and recommendations for thunkable alternatives to save your time.


No.1 Android Studio

You might think why I listed Android studio in drag & drop App builder list as Thunkable alternative. Let me explain, you are using thunkable because it is easy to use right??

But I will prove you Android Studio is easier then any drag & drop App builder this is why because I am going to provide you a huge collection of source code of high quality Android Studio Apps and Projects.

Creating Apps with Android Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is not difficult anymore. You will be able to simply import these Android Studio Projects and then build your own custom app.

This is as simple as making a cup of tea. Believe me, this method and source code bank saved my lot of money and time.

Also in bonus, you will be able to put your app in front of people by listing them on Play Store.

Click Here to get Huge Collections of Android Studio Project Source Codes.


No.2 MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is also same as thunkable app builder but with more customization and advanced options. I listed this drag and drop app builder at No 2 because of its simple and easy user interface and flexibility.

This tool is getting famous and considered as the best alternative for thunkable. MIT App Inventor 2 is rapidly replacing thunkable app in market.

App inventor structure is also similar to Thunkable and use aia files as base project data. So if you are thunkable user then this tool is going to help you a lot.

But keep in mind you will face difficulties while publishing your app to play store because of their auto-generated package names. So to be honest again best option is Android Studio.



Appsgeyser is a basic level tool which will help you to generate some specific Android and IOS apps automatically. Even you don’t need to fill flow charts for app logics and functions. This fully automatic tool will allow you to create Apps in matter of minutes.

Appsgeyser is not providing advanced options and functions so you can only create some basic apps by selecting app templets from their template gallery.

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No.4 Kodular

Kodular App builder is a step ahead as app-building utility tool. This is also very similar to thunkable and Thunkable users will not feel major difference while using this tool.

Kodular also offer prebuild plugins and other modules that you can utilize to create your apps. And these modules will help you to add more flexibility and functionality into your apps.

with huge users and support community, you will not be alone there while creating apps and solving problems, as being part of their community you will get help from others quickly.



In drag and drop app builder tools MIT App Inventor & Kodular is best. But if you want a pro level App and want to publish on Play Store then you should use Android Studio.

If you are planning to launch your app with a small audience on a small scale then you can use any app builder listed above.

Please feel free you provide your feedback and share this article if you found it useful. Thank you for being here.

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