Selena Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Selena Name Meaning in Different Origins

The name Selena has distinct meanings in multiple origins:

  1. Greek Origin: In Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon. The name Selena is believed to be derived from the Greek word “selēnē,” meaning “moon.”
  2. Spanish and Italian Origin: In Spanish and Italian, Selena is associated with the Greek word “selēnē” and also means “moon.”
  3. Latin Origin: In Latin, Selena is linked to the word “selēnē,” signifying “moon.”

Origin of the Name Selena

The name Selena finds its origins in Greek mythology, where Selene was revered as the goddess of the moon, associated with the celestial beauty of the night sky.

History of the Name Selena

In ancient Greek mythology, Selene was an important figure as the goddess of the moon, often depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon crown and a chariot drawn by horses.

Over time, Selena evolved into a given name and gained popularity in various cultures and regions.

Popularity of the Name Selena

Selena has been a name admired for its celestial charm and the mythical allure of the moon goddess. Its ethereal and melodic sound has contributed to its increasing popularity.

The name Selena gained wider recognition and popularity in the modern era, especially after the rise of the celebrated singer Selena Quintanilla, who became a cultural icon.

Cultural Significance of the Name Selena

Selena holds cultural significance as a name that evokes images of celestial beauty and grace. In Greek mythology, Selene was revered as a powerful and mesmerizing goddess associated with the moon’s enchanting light.

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The adoption of Selena as a given name in various cultures signifies an appreciation for its ethereal and timeless qualities.

Variations of the Name Selena

  1. Selene: A variation of Selena in Greek, Selene is the original form of the name and also means “moon.”
  2. Celine: A name with French origins, Celine is a variation of Selena, signifying “heavenly” or “moon.”
  3. Selin: A Turkish variation of Selena, Selin carries the same meaning of “moon.”
  4. Selina: Another variant of Selena, Selina retains the same meaning of “moon.”
  5. Selenia: A longer and more elaborate variation of Selena, Selenia still carries the essence of “moon” in its meaning.

Five Famous People Named Selena

  1. Selena Quintanilla: Often referred to as the “Queen of Tejano Music,” Selena Quintanilla was a celebrated Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. Her life and tragic death have made her a cultural icon and inspiration to many.
  2. Selena Gomez: An American singer, actress, and producer, Selena Gomez gained fame as a Disney Channel star and went on to establish a successful music and acting career.
  3. Selena Lee: A Canadian-Hong Kong actress known for her roles in various TV dramas and films.
  4. Selena Khoo: A Malaysian television host and actress known for her work in the Malaysian entertainment industry.
  5. Selena Forrest: An American fashion model who has worked with prominent fashion designers and appeared on various magazine covers.


Selena, with its diverse meanings in different origins and its association with celestial beauty and grace, represents a captivating and celebrated charm. From its mythical roots as the Greek moon goddess to its variations in Spanish, Italian, and Latin, the name Selena embodies a timeless and enchanting essence.

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As famous individuals named Selena leave their mark in various fields, they exemplify the name’s essence of talent, grace, and impact. Whether through their remarkable musical talents, their achievements in acting, their contributions to fashion, their success in television hosting, or their influence on popular culture, these remarkable individuals showcase the enduring allure and cultural depth of the name Selena.

As new generations embrace the name Selena, its legacy of celestial beauty, grace, and cultural significance will continue to enrich the lives of those who bear it, ensuring that it remains a cherished and meaningful name for generations to come.