Selene Name Meaning | Origin, History & Popularity

Selene Name Meaning in Different Origins

The name Selene has distinct meanings in multiple origins:

  1. Greek Origin: In Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon. The name is derived from the Greek word “selēnē,” which means “moon.”
  2. Spanish and Italian Origin: In Spanish and Italian, Selene is a variation of the name “Selena,” which is also associated with the moon.
  3. Hebrew Origin: In Hebrew, Selene is linked to the name “Shalene,” which means “peaceful” or “serene.”

Origin of the Name Selene

The name Selene finds its origins in Greek mythology, where Selene was worshipped as the moon goddess, believed to drive her chariot across the night sky.

History of the Name Selene

In ancient Greek mythology, Selene was an important figure as the goddess of the moon, often depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon crown and a chariot pulled by horses.

Over time, Selene evolved into a given name and gained popularity in various cultures and regions.

Popularity of the Name Selene

Selene has been a name admired for its celestial charm and connection to the moon. Its ethereal and mystical sound has contributed to its increasing popularity.

While not among the most common names, Selene’s allure and cultural significance have led to its continued use and appeal.

Cultural Significance of the Name Selene

Selene holds cultural significance as a name that represents the moon’s ethereal beauty and the serenity it evokes. In Greek mythology, Selene embodied the enchanting power of the moon, inspiring awe and wonder.

The adoption of Selene as a given name in various cultures signifies an appreciation for its celestial and evocative qualities.

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Variations of the Name Selene

  1. Selena: A variation of Selene in Spanish and Italian, Selena also means “moon.”
  2. Celine: A name with French origins, Celine is a variation of Selene, signifying “heavenly” or “moon.”
  3. Serena: A name with Latin origins, Serena means “serene” or “calm,” linking it to the Hebrew interpretation of Selene.
  4. Selina: Another variant of Selene, Selina retains the same meaning of “moon.”
  5. Seleneh: A variation of Selene in Persian, Seleneh carries the same meaning of “moon.”

Five Famous People Named Selene

  1. Selene Luna: An American actress, burlesque performer, and stand-up comedian known for her unique style and performances.
  2. Selene Tostado: A Mexican cyclist and multiple-time national champion, Selene Tostado has achieved success in various cycling competitions.
  3. Selene Vigil: An American musician and lead singer of the punk rock band 7 Year Bitch.
  4. Selene Majewska: A Polish singer known for her powerful vocals and performances on various talent shows.
  5. Selene Hayato: A Japanese professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist who has competed in various promotions.


Selene, with its diverse meanings in different origins and its association with the moon’s ethereal beauty and serenity, represents an enchanting and evocative charm. From its mythical roots as the Greek moon goddess to its variations in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew, the name Selene embodies a captivating and celestial essence.

As famous individuals named Selene make their mark in various fields, they exemplify the name’s essence of talent, creativity, and impact. Whether through their performances in the arts, their achievements in sports, their contributions to music, or their success in wrestling and martial arts, these remarkable individuals showcase the enduring allure and cultural depth of the name Selene.

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As new generations embrace the name Selene, its legacy of celestial beauty and enchantment will continue to enrich the lives of those who bear it, ensuring that it remains a cherished and meaningful name for generations to come.