Telenor Balance Save Code

The code to save your Telenor balance in Pakistan is *99#. When you dial this code, your balance will be saved automatically. This is a useful feature provided by Telenor to help users keep their balance safe and secure.

It’s important to note that this code only works for Telenor customers in Pakistan. If you’re a Telenor customer in another country, you may need to check with your local Telenor provider for the appropriate code to save your balance.

By saving your balance, you can avoid accidentally using it up on unintended purchases or services. It’s also a good idea to regularly check your balance to ensure that you’re not running low and can top up as needed.

In addition to the balance save code, Telenor also offers other helpful codes for managing your account and services. For example, you can dial *444# to check your balance or *345# to access Telenor’s self-service menu for a range of options, including recharging your account, subscribing to data plans, and managing your caller tunes.

Overall, Telenor’s balance save code is a simple yet useful tool for keeping your balance safe and secure. If you’re a Telenor customer in Pakistan, be sure to take advantage of this feature to help you manage your account and keep your balance in check.

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Waqas Anjum
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