5 ways to tell ring size?

Here are a few ways to determine a ring size:

  1. Measure an existing ring: The most accurate way to determine ring size is by measuring a ring that already fits the finger. You can use a ring sizer (a plastic or metal tool with various ring sizes on it) or a ring mandrel (a metal rod used for measuring rings) to measure the inner diameter of the ring and match it to a standard ring size chart.

  2. Use a piece of string or paper: Another way to measure ring size is to use a piece of string or paper to wrap around the finger at the base, where the ring will sit. Then measure the length of the string or paper and compare it to a standard ring size chart.

  3. Visit a jeweler: A professional jeweler will have a set of ring sizers and can measure the finger and give you the right size.

  4. Printable ring sizer: There are printable ring sizer available online that you can print out, cut and use it to measure the size of the ring.

  5. Use technology: Some e-commerce websites have an option for ‘ring sizer’ or ‘ring size guide’ that you can use to find the size of the ring from home, this option is based on the measurement of the inner diameter of a ring that you already own.

It’s important to keep in mind that fingers tend to change size depending on the time of day and temperature, so it’s best to measure your finger at the end of the day, when it’s at its largest, or when your fingers are at room temperature. It’s also good to consider that the width of the ring band can affect the fit, so be aware of the width when measuring the size.

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