Viral Punjabi Sad Status with images [Whatsapp, Facebook]

Viral Punjabi Sad Status with images [Whatsapp, Facebook]

Punjabi Status Sad 2019

This is a specially selected collection of Punjabi sad status with images. We have composed these statuses with a pure feeling of love and sadness. This viral Punjabi status collection is dedicated to sad Punjabi peoples. These sad quotes and status divided into two parts in the first part you will find sad status for facebook and in the second part, you will be able to share your feelings in WhatsApp image statuses.

Sad Punjabi Status for Facebook

from following status images, you can share any image on facebook just click on image and status sharing icon will be appeared on images and click on Facebook to share these sad status messages over Facebook and express your feeling in images.

two lines sad love status

punjabi sad love status

sharing feeling on social is necessary because people around you and in your friend’s list are looking at your social profile to see your social status what you are feeling now and what you shared. This collection is waiting to be displayed on your social profile.


punjabi sad status image


Show someone your love with this beautifully composed status. Because love needs to be expressed in a propper way. Don’t love silently, Show and spread the love around you and let your loved ones know how much you love them.


punjabi sad status


She is sad because of someone and wants some emotional satisfaction. This is why because true love always hurts. This image is rally perfect for people who are feeling sad. we hope this sad status image will help you to get new friends and also will help you to tell your relationship how you feeling now.

Sad punjabi girl


if you are dreaming someone you must tell them. Actually, dreams are a reflection of our daily life. They reflect love and sadness around us in the form of dreams. Don’t let your dream feel bad and let the people know if they can help to come up with your true dreams.


sad punjabi status deream


Punjabi people love to share feelings in the Punjabi language. So we have written this sad Punjabi status for you, and composed on these beautiful background images. You know you can share your feelings perfectly in Punjabi because you can say more using fewer words. This is the art of this beautiful language.


Sad Punjabi Girl Sitting


Don’t loose your hope when you feel alone. This time will not stay forever. Do you know what is the best part of time?? Yes, time changes time will not stay as it is now. So don’t be sad and look around you to feel beauty of nature. This universe is most beautiful if our inner is happy.


Someone sad and sitting on roof

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Sad Punjabi Status Images For WhatsApp

We composed following sad status images vertically in portrait mode especially for Whatsapp so these images can fit well into your mobile phone screen and social media feed and timeline. Click on any image to share.


sad punjabi status for whatsapp


Feelings are priceless and go ahead and show what you feel for your lover, and how much sad and alone you are feeling without true love.


punjabi sad boy status message


Let us tell someone that love is very precious and love demands only love within love.

sad status image

We hope you enjoyed these sad Punjabi love status messages and you will find them useful. read out our more articles thank you so much for visiting our blog.

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