Top Viral Punjabi Yaari Status in 2019

Punjabi Status Yaari 2019

Best and selected Punjabi Yaari Status which you can share and use for Whatsapp and Facebook. Please choose from latest Punjabi yaari status below. Please click on the share button below the post to share on your social media, WhatsApp facebook.

Punjabi Yaari Status 1

This status is going viral in social media you will love to share on your WhatsApp status.

Punjabi status yaari


Punjabi Yaari Status 2

yaari status


Punjabi Yaari Status 3

This is the most commonly used yaari status.

punjabi status yaari


Punjabi Status Yaari 4

yaari status


Punjabi Yaari Status 5

best yaari status


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Punjabi Status Yaari  6

yaari status new


Best Yaari Status in Punjabi 2019

following yaari status are selected for the year 2019 don’t forget to share these WhatsApp and facebook status. spreading the love around you make you happier and feel good in real life. So always help others and love people around you. Let’s make this world more beautiful by sharing and caring for each other, lets spread love.


punjabi yaari status for whatsapp & facebook

Status No.8

punjabi yaari status 2019


Status No.9

Remember nothing is impossible if the mind is set to win. So don’t loose your hope and keep making new friends and don’t hide your emotions, let them flow.

best punjabi yaari status


Status No.10


yaari status for whatsapp


Following one, you can show more love to your girlfriend. Hope you will win her heart by sharing this simple but effective status messages on your social feeds.


love stutus in punjabi for whatsapp

Punjabi Attitude Status

if you need to show some attitude to your friends or girlfriend you can use this status for FB in Punjabi attitude.

punjabi yaari status for whatsapp


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yaari status to share on whatsapp and facebook

Click on the share button to share these Punjabi statuses to Whatsapp and Facebook. Thanks for your support. 

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